Big Snowballs

As expected, I received Twiggy’s goodbye letter in the mail today. She said that we were BFFs, and that’s a Big Fat Fabrication. But I won’t hold it against her. She was a tweet sweet villager to have around, even if she was a bit of a birdbrain.

Twiggy's goodbye letter in Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii.There was a meteor shower tonight, so I stopped to watch several shooting stars go by.

A shooting star flies by overhead.Broccolo was outside, talking about how much he loves flowers. He said he hopes a kajillion flowers pop up. But where he was standing, it looked as if gold roses popped up all around him. All you could see was his head.

Broccolo, surrounded by gold roses: I hope a kajillion different flowers pop up!A few minutes later, Broccolo had a fight with Static. Broccolo was still mad about it, and he warned me to watch out when a normally mellow guy starts to get angry.

Broccolo: When a mellow guy gets mad, everybody better WATCH OUT!Chow asked me to find a barbel steed for him, so I did a little fishing. Fortunately, a barbel steed was one of the few fish that I caught, so I took it back to him. Chow rewarded me with 520 bells, not surprisingly.

Chow: Reward time! Here's 520 bells. I only wish I had more for you, up a tree.You may have noticed a really big snowball in that picture. It actually looks like it’s hovering, but that’s besides the point. I was rolling up two huge snowballs to push them into the river.

Two huge snowballs on the bank of the river. They made a big splash when I pushed them in, but it didn’t quite resemble a snowman like I hoped. Oh well, it’s fun playing around with huge snowballs anyway.

A big splash as I push huge snowballs into the river.Tank was sick with a cold, so I went to Nook ‘n’ Go to buy some medicine for him. I’m not sure how such a big guy can do a backflip, especially when he’s not feeling well.

Tank backflips as he takes some medicine.
Tank? You’re welcome.

Thanks for stopping by. Just a heads-up that I’m working on a new ACCF video, so keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Big Snowballs”

  1. Shouldn’t you have offered Broccolo a bath set or a music box to calm him down? Oh, sorry, wrong game. I kind of wish you could help calm angry villagers in any AC game, though.

  2. Jeff….. Are you feeling okay? I mean, if you rolling snowballs into water just for fun, there is obviously something wrong. LOL!

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