Broccolo’s Sad Goodbye

It’s that time of year again. I dyed my hair green, put on a mohawk and a club shirt, and my transformation was complete. I am Mohawk McClover once again! As many of you already know, I become this character each March. I’ve been doing this every year since 2009!

Harriet: And here are your things back!Back in town, I got some bad news. Broccolo is moving out. πŸ™

Broccolo: Oh, oh, it's boss... I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to take off without saying anything, so cheesy!Not only was Broccolo one of my favorite villagers, but he’s also the villager that’s been in town the longest…since 2014, in fact! I’ll miss him.

Static asked me to find a pill bug for him, so I went out and caught one for him. He rewarded me with a gold econo-chair.

Opal was infested with fleas tonight. On two separate occasions just 12 minutes apart, I found her itching from fleas! I caught the flea both times. She claimed someone gave her fleas the first time, and then she blamed the second one on a mud facial she received.

Opal: Someone gave them to me! Someone did this to me! Oh, just WAIT until I find out who, kerPOW!Opal: All those mud facials! What a price to pay for a radiant face like mine, kerPOW!After selling some fossils, gyroids, and fruit, I went to deposit some money into my bank account at town hall. My balance reached 29 million bells for the first time.

Your current balance is 29,000,000 bells.

8 thoughts on “Broccolo’s Sad Goodbye”

  1. Broccolo – I really like. I remember when I accidently called him Jambette. (Don’t judge me)

    So who’s the new oldest villager that is still in Forest Folk?

      1. Weird, because Static is my oldest villager in my City Folk Town too. He has been living in my rather crazy town since April 4th 2015.

  2. Aww, I’m sorry! Broccolo is also one of my favourite villagers; in fact, he is in my New Leaf town at the current time and I am NOT going to let him go. Ever. I hope he is replaced by somebody good!

  3. I may have to move Broccolo to my New Leaf town one of these days since I have his amiibo card. He seems sweet. And if he moves out, you can have him.

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