Tank’s Breath

I received Poncho’s goodbye letter in the mail today. Some animals write letters that are sad, thoughtful, and/or reflective. And then there’s Poncho, who just boasts about how burly he is. He uses the opportunity to call everyone in town scrawny.

'Sup Jeff, This is it, my last day in Forest! Living here made me realize just how burly I really am. Tell everyone thanks for being so scrawny! -PonchoI spoke with Opal, and she said she heard people saying that walking in the rain shows that you’re sensitive. But she quickly shot down that theory, saying walking in the rain just means you’re getting wet.

Opal: They're wrong! I'm just getting wet!I listened in on a conversation between Midge and Tank tonight. Midge said that the air in Forest was so clean and refreshing that she could breathe it all day long. Not that she has a choice. But she told Tank to inhale and exhale so that he could enjoy the air too. So he did…

Tank: Inhale, EXHALE!But as soon as he exhaled, Midge was disgusted by the smell of Tank’s breath! He said he just chugged down a “power blaster,” which apparently tastes like the stuff between his toes? WHAT? WHY.

Tank: But it kinda tastes like the stuff between my toes...Why does he even know what his toe jam tastes like? And why would he drink something that tastes like that? There is just so much wrong with this conversation. Midge was grossed out and mad that Tank was stinking up her air, and I don’t blame her. This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in an Animal Crossing game. I should call him Stank instead of Tank.

After I finished making my rounds, I took a trip out to the city. It was raining there, too. I didn’t find anything interesting going on, so I ended my game soon after.

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