Getting Mushy

When I visited Dotty today, I was greeted by an astronaut! Dotty has moved her Spaceman Sams around: They used to stand against her right wall, but now they’re in the front/middle of the room. One faces the door, while the other faces the back. Seems like an odd way to display your astronauts.

The inside of Dotty's house in ACCF.November is here, and that means several mushrooms can be found around town. One of them each day will actually be a piece of mush furniture. Which piece did I find today? It was a closet, if you mush know.

I thought it was just a mushroom, but it was really a mush closet!If your town has achieved perfect town status, you may also find a rare mushroom buried somewhere in town. It’s worth a whopping 16,000 bells, so it’s well worth the effort to dig it up. 🙂

Look at that! I dug up a rare mushroom!I saw that Groucho’s house was still here, and Groucho was inside. He has finally packed up his furniture in boxes. He sure has taken his time moving out!

Groucho: Well, well, well, I'm glad you finally made it here, Jeff! 'Cause I'm leaving, grumble.
Just go already.

Twice during my time in Forest today, I saw large fish shadows in the river. Each times, I caught a pike. 🙂

I didn't catch a pike! PSYCH!Opal locked herself out of her house, but I didn’t feel like fishing her key out of the river. She’s an elephant. One night outdoors isn’t going to hurt her. 😛

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  1. Dude! I wouldn’t have thought that you’d still be active on your blog or YouTube but I presumed wrong!! It’s refreshing to see more Animal Crossing old-timers still keeping up after so many years. I don’t know how many people see your blog posts but just know that I hold them close to my heart 🙂

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