UFO #31, Groundhog Day

Yesterday, I was finally able to do something I haven’t done for a long time. I shot down Gulliver’s UFO!

Shooting down Gulliver's UFO with my slingshot in ACCF.

This was my 31st UFO overall, and of course my first of 2018. I didn’t shoot any down at all in 2017; my last one was in May 2016, in fact!

I quickly recovered the spaceship part nearby. I love it when they’re nice and easy to find like this!

A spaceship part on the ground in ACCF.

And then today, I went down to the beach to chat with the spaceship’s crash-landed pilot, Gulliver. I gave him his precious spaceship part, and in return, he gave me an Arc de Triomphe.

Gulliver: Waiting about on the ship is a bit on the dull side, so I thought I'd take up an Earth pastime, like surfing.

Tortimer was standing outside of town hall tonight, in the snow.

Tortimer: Here, let me give you something appropriate for Groundhog Day.
A kiss?

He gave me a Resetti model for Groundhog Day. I didn’t really care for it…at least not a hole lot.

Benedict asked me to make a delivery to Samson, and I agreed to help out. But the gift was a bit surprising…it was a pep squad shirt! That’s the same thing he sent to Clyde on Wednesday! Is he trying to turn everyone into cheerleaders?

Samson: Oh, and tell Benedict I put the shirt on, cheese bro! I'm gonna rock it all over town.

When I visited Tabby, she told me she wanted to drink nothing but iced coffee for the rest of her life! Oh no! That means we have something in common! Does that mean I can’t hate her anymore?

Tabby: OK, so, like, last night I decided to drink nothing but iced coffee for the rest of my life.

But then she said an hour later, she thought it was a totally lame idea! What is wrong with her? Okay, now I hate her again. πŸ˜›

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back with another entry next week. πŸ™‚

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