Unexpected Inspection

Puddles asked to visit my house tonight, but she made me schedule a time. Ugh. And of course, it couldn’t be right away. I had to pick a time that was at least half an hour away.

Puddles: I need to put makeup on! I don't wake up this cute!
It’s 10:45 p.m., I don’t think you just woke up.

There were a lot of dandelions in that picture. Maybe I should pluck them before they multiply even more. 😛

I listened in on a conversation between Puddles and Rod; they were talking about exercise routines. Puddles said she wasn’t getting any results, so Rod suggested exercising in different positions…

Rod: Wait, does this start in the E position? Or was it the X position?But Puddles wasn’t interested in Rod’s positions.

Puddles: Uhhh...yeah, I don't think I'm gonna do any of that, la baa.Chevre was shivering and sick, so I bought some cold medicine for her.

Chevre flips as she takes some medicine in ACWW.
Goat well soon!

Big Top asked me to find a spider for him, so I shook some trees as I killed time waiting for Puddles’ visit. I never did track down the spider, but I found some bees. I caught one of the bees, but the others stung my face.

Over at town hall, I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment, and then returned home to wait for Puddles. At the designated time, Puddles arrived as scheduled. Unfortunately, her visit was about as friendly as a Happy Room Academy inspection. Why even come over if you’re just going to judge my house?

Puddles: Captain, your room looks like a fallout shelter or a cave or something...She said I have none of the necessary items for daily life, so she gave me a three-star rating (out of five). -.-

Puddles: You have, like, NONE of the necessary items for modern daily life!!

Puddles: On my exclusive five-star rating scale, I would give this place three stars!
Get out.

Just a heads-up that I’ll have my next Wild World video episode coming soon! Look for it in the next few days. 🙂

Refrigerated Rupees

As I started up the game tonight, I decided to finally take off my HMD. I visited Yuka, and she was mad that the Happy Room Academy only gave her 767 points when they scored her house. It was a struggle not to bust out laughing. 😉

Yuka: Sheesh! What gives them the right to evaluate MY house, anyway! I'm evil!

I found two fossils in town tonight, and one of them was a pachy tail. That completed the pachycephalosaur.

Blathers: ...Why, this means that the pachycephalosaur has finally reached completion!
That’s a mouthful.

I went in the fossil room to take a look at it. It seems that I only need two more fossils to complete this wing of the museum now!

The pachycephalosaur fossil in the museum in Animal Crossing: Wild World.I then headed downstairs to the Roost, where K.K. was performing. I asked for a random song and he sent me cruisin’.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Cruisin'!After the show, I visited Puddles. I found something unexpected in her refrigerator: Rupees!

You found 10 rupees! Talk about lucky!
That’s what I call cold hard cash.

But I was quickly informed that I could not use them here. Bummer.

Too bad you can't use them in this town...Still, the fact that she has some rupees seems to support what she was hinting at last month: Maybe she really did meet Link!

Chevre the goat was trying to leave town again, but I got her to reconsider.

Chevre: Maybe I should stay after all...la baa.Before wrapping up my night, I made a 25,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall. I then returned home to put my new song in my stereo.

First Pascal Sighting

Soon after starting up my game tonight, I spotted Pascal! This is my first time seeing him in Wild World.

Pascal standing by the ocean in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Unlike in City Folk, he wasn’t standing on a bridge over the river. Instead, he was standing near the ocean, at the mouth of the river. I checked the beach for scallops, just in case he needed one like he does in ACCF, but there were none to be found.

I returned to him, or so I thought, but he wasn’t there. Instead, I found him on the other side of the river now! I talked to him, and he gave me his words of wisdom.

Pascal: Enough with the jellyfish, maaannn. Where are all the peanut butter fish?
Would they be creamy fish or crunchy?

He handed me a furniture item, so apparently he doesn’t need scallops in Wild World. He then back-flipped into the ocean.

Animated GIF showing Pascal diving into the ocean in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW).The item he gave me was a helm. This is what it looks like, if you haven’t seen it before.

The helm furniture item from Pascal.

Baabara asked me to deliver a letter to Rod, and without thinking about it, I agreed to help out. Oh well, I guess I can be nice to Baabara at least once. So I took Rod the letter, and he didn’t even show me what it said. When I returned to Baabara, she rewarded me with 510 bells.

Baabara: Maybe you'd like my 510 bells!Over by town hall, my other enemy Yuka had a new nickname for me: She said she’s going to call me gorgeous! Are you kidding? You can’t call me that! Ugh!

Yuka: Well, in that case, gorgeous it is! Have a wonderful day, gorgeous.I shook some trees around town, finding some money bags and furniture. I caught a bee and a spider, though I also got stung by other bees a couple of times.

After making my rounds, I paid 25,000 bells towards my mortgage at town hall. My debt is down to 178,000 bells now, but that’s still quite a ways to go. See you next time!