Baabara’s Birthday Party

On my way to Baabara’s birthday party today, I ran into Dr. Shrunk for just the second time. This time around, he let me choose an emotion that I wanted to work on. I had four choices to pick from: realization, sadness, scheming, and agreement.

Shrunk: Every feeling is brought on by a situation or event that acts as a trigger.“Scheming” sounded different from others I was familiar with, so I chose it. I had to tap Shrunk as he used the emotion. But when he used it, I saw that scheming is really just the emotion I knew as mischief.

Dr. Shrunk uses the scheming emotion (better known as mischief).Once I got the timing of the tap correct, I learned the emotion for myself. He was pleased with my progress, and he said that feelings are like toes.

Shrunk: We've made some REAL progress today! Remember, feelings are like toes!
Actually, you kinda look like a toe.

He said if they can’t breathe free, they’re going to stink pretty bad.

Shrunk: They have to breathe free, or they'll stink to high heaven!With that unexpected therapy session behind me, I continued on to Baabara’s birthday party. But I made sure not to forget the “scheming” theme. πŸ˜‰

Big Top was there to help Baabara celebrate. But sadly, there was no cake and no balloons. It was just Big Top hanging out at Baabara’s house.

Baabara, at her party: Big Top came over today, too. Wow, I just feel so loved today.I then had the opportunity to give her a present. Remember earlier this month, when I used a tin can (garbage that I fished out of the river) to catch a fly? I didn’t throw that can away, instead I re-used it…as Baabara’s birthday present. Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

Baabara: Oh, look at this. It's an empty can.She called it an “interesting choice,” but she didn’t seem upset. In return, she gave me an anatomical model as a party favor. Big Top seemed to notice the lack of food at the party, since he asked if I brought some snacks. πŸ˜›

Big Top, at Baabara's birthday party: You came to help Baabara celebrate? I hope you brought snacks!Back outside, I found a new message of the week on the bulletin board. It said that balls and windows don’t mix.

*Message of the Week* Balls and windows don't mix! Play ball? Play safe!
Yeah, keep your balls away from windows.

There was also a new “Talking to Myself” post. It says “When I see my sister talking to Pete, it makes me feel kinda strange…” This could be the best evidence I’ve seen yet that it’s really Phyllis writing these things.

-Talking to Myself- When I see my sister talking to Pete, it makes me feel kinda strange... Must be something I ate.When I visited Rod, I saw that he was all packed up and ready to move out of town. And yet, he still was talking about what was in his drawers.

Rod: Look if you will, but my drawers contain nothing you might be interested in!
What drawers? ….Oh.

After telling him to stay in town twice, he agreed to reconsider. So he should be around for a while still.

Puddles asked me for some new clothing, so I bought a big dot shirt for her at Able Sisters. She loved it, and she gave me an HMD (head-mounted display, I presume). I put it on right away.

Me wearing my HMD as I talk to Puddles.Kiki was still sick, so I bought her some medicine for the 4th time. She really appreciated it.

Kiki: The medicine really did the trick. I hereby pronounce Jeff to be my hero!

My First Villager Pic

I found a note in a bottle washed up on the beach tonight. It wasn’t a particularly interesting one, but I don’t see these every day, so I thought I’d share it in the blog.

Hello out there! I hope someone cool reads this letter...and I hope I get a response! -Just some guyThere was also a new “Talking to Myself” note posted on the bulletin board. It’s about “bad boys,” and why they always seem to wear sunglasses.

-Talking to Myself- I wonder why "bad boys" always wear sunglasses? I bet it's because they actually cry a lot. Babies!I found two fossils in town, and I took them to the museum to be identified. Both of them were T-rex parts. I then went downstairs to the Roost for some music. K.K. Slider performed K.K. Aria for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Aria!Back outside, I ran into Puddles. She said she had some “big Puddles news”…which was actually about Baabara. Baabara’s birthday is coming up on March 28th (Tuesday), and she invited me to the party! I haven’t attended a birthday party in Wild World yet, but I know just what to give her. πŸ˜‰

Puddles: Big Puddles news! March 28th is Baabara's birthday!After finding today’s money rock (and before I finished picking up the money bags), Chevre came up to me and pinged me. She told me that she likes me a lot, and she wanted to give me something. It was her villager picture! This is my first villager pic in Wild World! Yay!

Chevre: It's nothing much. Just a picture of me, yowza, but I hope you like it!But right after talking to her, she walked right into a random pitfall! She also had a flea on her, which I caught for her.

Kiki was still sick, so I bought some medicine for her (for the third time).

Kiki flips as she takes some medicine.

After making a 30,000 bell mortgage payment, I headed home to take a look at Chevre’s pic.

Chevre's pic in Animal Crossing: Wild World.It has her favorite quote on the back, “Dream a little dream.”

Quote on Chevre's pic: Dream a little dream.I put my new song into my jukebox and then ended my game for the night. I’m going to try to play on Tuesday for the birthday party, so I hope to see you then. πŸ™‚

Rod’s Personal Trainers

Static had his furniture all packed up in boxes tonight. I kept talking to him and telling him to stay until he eventually said he might reconsider.

Static: Nobody's ever nice to me. Except you. Sometimes.When I visited Rod, he told me a unique workout tip. He told me to time my sit-ups to the movement of bugs!

Rod: Y'know, if you time your sit-ups to the movement of bugs, you burn MAD carbs!That way, it’s like having a bunch of little personal trainers. Wow, this guy is nuts.

Rod: It's like having miniature personal trainers all over the place, ace!Kiki was still sick tonight, so I bought some medicine for her once again. Get well soon, Kiki!

Kiki: Phew! That stuff works fast! I don't feel like I'm going to pass out anymore!At the bulletin board, this week’s message of the week gave me a chuckle. It’s short, but sweet.

*Message of the Week* Green means go! Unless you're lazy.

After my initial walk around town, I again only found one fossil. So I looked around more, paying special attention the grass/dirt borders where dig spots are harder to see. I then found two things I missed the first time around: One was a fossil and the other was a gyroid.

One of the fossils was a T-rex torso that I donated to the museum. It completed my T-rex! Blathers told me about the T-rex, including a theory that suggests they mostly ate dead dinosaurs. But Blathers considers that theory nonsense, and he said that T-rex was savage.

Blathers: Nonsense, says I. What rot! I still consider T-rex to be a dinosaur most savage!After a quick look at my museum, it appears that I still need about six more fossils before I complete the fossil wing of the museum. Anyway, he’s a look at my newly-completed T-rex.

A complete T-rex fossil at the museum in ACWW.I just uploaded a new Wild World video, Episode 6: Insults & Pitfalls. It covers a lot of happenings in Forest from late October through January. Hopefully it’ll give you a few laughs. πŸ™‚

I’ll be back with another blog entry later this week, probably on Saturday. See you then!