Snowman with an Attitude

I found two snowballs not far apart tonight, so I rolled them up into a snowman. When it came to life, the snowman was wondering what took me so long to build him. Even the precipitation has an attitude in Wild World. 😛

Snowman: I didn't know what was gonna come first... You or spring!

A new “Talking to Myself” message on the bulletin board was about getting a driver’s license. The author wants to get one to take her boyfriend for a ride in her convertible. Hmm, why does she have a convertible if she can’t drive?

-Talking to Myself- I want to get my driver's license. Then I can take my boyfriend for a ride in my convertible.

I checked out the lost-and-found, and Booker had ten pitfall seeds available! Hmm, maybe I’ll have to do something similar to Pitfall Pandemonium in Wild World too.

Ten pitfall seeds in the lost and found.

At the Roost, K.K. Slider performed Go K.K. Rider! for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Go K.K. Rider!!

I went fishing in the river, but I didn’t catch anything good. What’s new? Outside of town hall, Kiki gave me an A shirt for free. Since it has been a while since I’ve changed my clothes, I went ahead and put it on.

Kiki: It's a, uh... I can't really explain this, so here it is: an A shirt!
It’s not that hard to explain, really.

I then went inside town hall to make a 40,000 bell mortgage payment before ending my game for the night. I hope you’re all having a good weekend!

Low Temps Prevent Freezing?

I received Puddles’ goodbye letter in the mail today. Ever feel like the letters that animals write are nicer than the animals ever actually are?

Um, like, hi, Jeff, Thanks for being so nice to me in Forest! I'll cherish our memories forever! TOTALLY FOREVER! -Sincerely, PuddlesCrazy Redd was in town, and he had an awesome painting for sale for 3,920 bells. I bought it, but Blathers informed me that the painting was a counterfeit.

I had a chat with Hopper as he stood between Nookington’s and Able Sisters. He told me he needs old-school furniture because he’s mature and sophisticated. But I was feeling immature and unsophisticated, so I had no interest in helping him out. 😛

Hopper: I'm mature and sophisticated! I need old-school furniture!On the bulletin board, I found a weather bulletin posted. It said there will be plenty of snow for making snowmen. But the interesting part is that it said low temps will prevent the lake from freezing. That’s not quite how things work. 😛

-Weather Bulletin- Sticky, plentiful snow. Ideal for snowman making. Low temps will prevent the lake from freezing.And the Message of the Week said not to cry over spilt milk…unless you can cry milk.

*Message of the Week* Don't cry over spilt milk. Unless you can cry milk.
That’s a dairy hard thing to do.

After I was done making my rounds, I made a 40,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall. I then ended my game for the night.

Yesterday, I posted my full review of Animal Crossing: Wild World. I will also add a link to the menu bar.

Moving Away on Her Birthday

Today was La-Di-Day, and many of my villagers were talking about how great their songs would be. But none of them ever sang one for me, so no changes were made to the town tune.

Baabara: Yay yay! It's La-Di-Day todaaaay! That's the song I'm gonna sing.I didn’t mention it last week, but I got a letter inviting me to Puddles’ birthday party today (January 13th). But when I went into her house tonight, there was no birthday party. Instead, she was moving out of town. I like Puddles, but I decided to let her go.

Puddles: Well, ANYWAY... Thank you so much for everything! I had a lot of fun. Really!
So long, froggy. And happy birthday.

For no apparent reason, Bud was throwing some shade at Sable. He called her lazy! How rude! Sable’s probably the hardest working animal in town!

Bud: That prickly little Sable... She's being SO lazy lately, maaan!

Back outside, Kiki showed me a letter that someone sent her. It says “I’m not fat! I’m just fluffy!” There wasn’t a name on the letter, but I’m guessing it’s from Baabara. 😛

To Kiki, I'm not fat! I'm just fluffy! -A certain furry someone

After speaking with everyone, I went to the museum. Blathers identified three fossils for me, and then I went downstairs to the Roost. K.K. Slider performed K.K. Mambo for me. It actually sounds pretty good performed live.

I did some fishing in the river, and twice I saw a large fish shadow. Maybe a stringfish, I thought. But instead, I just caught two tires.

I caught a tire! Is this from Gracie's car!?
I was wheely disappointed. I should probably re-tire.

No luck so far, but I’ll keep trying.

I bumped into Big Top, and he wanted to buy a barbel steed off of me. But when he made his offer, the line was blank where the name of the fish should be. Oops.

Big Top: All right, then sell me your for, oh, 280 bells!

I made a 50,000 bell mortgage payment before returning home for the night. That’s all I have for tonight, but I’ll back again on Tuesday (probably) with another entry. And also, I’ll be posting my full Animal Crossing: Wild World review soon.