Opening Yuka’s Mail

I started up the game today and received a letter from Mom. She told me that she calls Dad a bed snail, because once he gets in, he doesn’t come back out. Um, why are you telling me this?

Dear Jeff, I call your dad the bed snail. As soon as he gets in, it's almost impossible to get him out. We're both that way. -MomIn Nookington’s, Tom Nook continued telling me about his past. He said that Forest is laid-back and an easy place to live, unlike the city.

Tom Nook: Life in the city is completely different... It's a scary place, yes?He said in the city, no one will give you the time of day. Apparently, the bank turned him down for a loan when he was younger.

Tom Nook: They will deny a young man a loan, though they know nothing of his character!He said he now knows he has to woo the financial instincts of the bank manager. But at the time, he didn’t. So instead, he went on an angry tirade.

Tom Nook: In fact, I got so upset that I went on a tirade to end all tirades, hm?Anyway, I again found Puddles boxed up and ready to move out of town. So I had to try to talk her out of moving once again.

Puddles: Oh, what should I do? Should I change my mind, la baa?I found three fossils in town, and Blathers identified them and returned them all to me. After selling them at the shop, I went to town hall and paid 25,000 bells off my mortgage.

Back outside, I ran into Moe. He asked me to deliver a letter to Yuka, and said it was an urgent request. He asked me not to read it…

Moe: It's kind of embarrassing, so please don't read it...But that only made me more curious. Could I read it? Why yes. Yes, I could.

To shy little Yuka, I wish I could write cool letters like you. Dancing to R&B makes me really hungry. It's nap time! -MoeThat was an urgent request? Well, at least Moe was being honest about it being embarrassing! πŸ˜€ Still, I took it to Yuka, and she wasn’t happy about the fact that it had been opened.

Yuka: Hey! This letter is open! What's going on here?!She then accused me of having no morals…before reminding me that she’s evil. πŸ˜›

Yuka: You know, Dr. J... I hate people who don't have any morals, I'm evil!I returned to Moe, and he didn’t seem to realize I opened the letter. He thanked me for making the delivery, and he gave me 510 bells for my trouble.

Moe: Hm... Oh! There's something I wanna give you to say thanks, myawn.
Those eyes scare me.

See you next time!

Touch to Start

Tom Nook’s Backstory Continues

Tom Nook was sighing once again when I visited Nookington’s tonight. I again asked if he was feeling okay, and he started to reveal more of his backstory. He told me he made his share of terrible mistakes when he was younger. Not only did he lose some money, he lost a friend…

Tom Nook: Yes, I lost more than just money, I lost a friend...
Yeah, right. You had a friend?

He warned me that “easy” money-making schemes are never easy. Hmm, maybe he got ripped off…by someone like himself, yes yes? πŸ˜›

Tom Nook: ...Listen up, Jeff. "Easy" moneymaking schemes are NEVER easy, hm?He advised me to retreat from any such deals. Even if it comes in an e-mail from a Nigerian prince?

Tom Nook: If such a deal should present itself to you, I'd advise a quick retreat!After that, I went over to the museum. Blathers identified three fossils for me, and none of them were ones the museum needed. I then went downstairs to check out some live music. I was “treated” to an awful performance of an awful song: K.K. Song.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Song.
I liked this song better when it was an Easter egg in Mario Paint.

I chatted with Puddles outside, and she told me she spent her day eating ice cream and gardening.

Puddles: I ate vanilla ice cream all day, and then I decided to garden...When I passed by her house, I saw that she wasn’t kidding. She actually had been gardening! These flowers in her yard weren’t all there the last time I played on Tuesday. More and more of my villagers are fixing up their gardens as spring approaches.

The flower garden in Puddles' front yard.Another sign of spring coming is that the trees are getting greener! In just one more week, the snow will be gone! Bring on the spring!

The trees are starting to get greener as spring approaches.After that, I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall, and then returned home for the night.

Dr. Shrunk’s First Appearance

Last night, I noticed that Tom Nook was sighing and acting strange went I went into Nookington’s. I asked him what happened, and he basically admitted that all he thinks about is money, and how to make more of it. But he said he’s okay with that, because he feels that it’s his job to show young people how hard life is! Wow.

Tom Nook: I like to think that it's my job to show you young people how hard life is!He’s trying to justify his greed, and yet the sighing indicates he feels a bit bad about it perhaps? Maybe this is the start of Tom Nook’s backstory, much like the Sable and Blathers backstories I’ve already seen? We’ll see. I’ll keep you updated.

Anyway, I donated an ankylo skull to the museum, and it completed the fossil of the ankylosaur!

The ankylosaur fossil in the museum of Animal Crossing: Wild World.The new message of the week on the bulletin board warned not to believe stereotypes. Some wrestlers hate tights! πŸ˜›

*Message of the Week* Some wrestlers hate tights. Fight stereotypes!Today, I dug up three more fossils. Two of them were returned to me, but the third one was new…dino droppings! Blathers was more than happy to hold onto the droppings, and he asked permission to keep them. Sure thing! I’m glad to dump off my finds here. That wing of the museum might need some air fresheners though, eh wot?

Blathers: Yes. Hoo. Indeed, what we have here is, quite simply, some dino droppings.While I was at the museum, I went downstairs to the Roost for a hot beverage. As I drank my coffee, I discovered that Brewster does not celebrate Valentine’s Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World. In City Folk and New Leaf, Brewster would give you hot chocolate for the holiday instead of coffee. But as far as I can tell, Wild World doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in any way. I didn’t even get any Valentine’s letters in the mail.

When I visited Puddles, she told me she was working on a crossword puzzle.

Puddles: Right now, I am just ROCKING this crossword puzzle! I am the SMARTEST!

She asked me to help her out with a word she was stuck on, and from the list of options, I chose the word “crumble.” Apparently that was right, because she started acting very happy.

After shaking some trees (and getting stung by a bee), I was very surprised to see Dr. Shrunk walking around town! Not only because I hadn’t seen him in Wild World yet, but also because he doesn’t just walk around town like this in the other games.

The traveling therapist and part-time comedian started lecturing me on mental health and telling me I had some issues to work out. Rude.

Shrunk: All of our sessions are subject to doctor-patient confidentiality!He told me how important it is to express my feelings…before telling me to tap him.

Shrunk: Regardless, don't be shy! Go on, tap me!Once I tapped that axolotl, he taught me the shyness emotion. I can use it by tapping the appropriate icon on the keyboard window.

The shyness emotion icon on the keyboard menu in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Emotions aren’t super useful when there’s no online play, but I suppose it was nice to see Dr. Shrunk again.

At town hall, I made a 45,000 bell mortgage payment. I then continued shaking trees as I made my way back home. I got stung a couple more times, but I also found several bags of bells and a couple of furniture items: a beige box and a basic blue bed. That’s a lot of Bs. And bees.