Bright Nights

As I started up the game tonight, I was informed that Bright Nights are underway. Yay! 🙂

Hey, everybody! The Bright Nights are here!I caught a glimpse of lights on Kiki’s house, but I quickly headed over to town hall. This was my first time experiencing Bright Nights, so I wanted to chat with Tortimer to hear what it was all about. I figured he would explain what’s going on.

He asked me if the lights were gorgeous or lame, and I said they were gorgeous. He then asked me which house looked the best.

Tortimer: Then perhaps you could tell me which house looks BEST?

I hadn’t seen a good look at any of them yet, so I wanted to decline the question for now. But there was a problem: I couldn’t exit out; Tortimer forced me to pick someone. So I picked Kiki, figuring I could probably change it later (like you can change your mind during La-Di-Day).

I began my walk around town to look at all the lights. Many of the cedar trees have lights on them (much like on New Year’s Eve), and all of the villagers’ houses are also decorated, whether they were home or not. It’s like Christmas in February! 😛

The lights may be on the front of the house, the fencing around the house, and/or the roof of the house. The lights even made Yuka’s house look nice!

Yuka's house decorated with lights for Bright Nights.Static, who still lives in Forest after a close call last time, was standing near town hall. He was boasting about how great his lights were.

Static: My lights are awesome, huh, unlike you?I checked the bulletin board, and a notice mentioned that the Bright Nights run through next Monday. But another post, the message of the week, was more interesting. It said you only get one first chance…unless you have amnesia. 😛

*Message of the Week* You only get one first chance. Unless you have amnesia!All of the houses looked nice, and it was hard to decide on a winner. Here’s a look at Puddles’ house.

Animated GIF of Puddles' house during Bright Nights.After I circled around town once, I noticed that animals were talking about Kiki’s house. Apparently, the word has spread about my initial decision. Static said he wanted to go check out Kiki’s lights for himself.

Static: I hear they're not too pathetic, unlike you.
Why did I save you from moving?

Ultimately, I decided that Rod’s house was probably the best. I chose it not just because of the house, but also because there was a decorated tree out front. Even though that was just a coincidence.

Rod's house lit up with lights for Bright Nights. A cedar tree out front is also lit up.So I went back to Tortimer, but there was another problem. I was not able to tell him my choice again! Apparently, the answer you give him when you first speak to him is final. That’s an odd decision by Nintendo. He should have said something like “go check out all the lights and then come back to tell me your favorite.”

I guess that message of the week was more applicable than I realized. Oh well. At least now I know what to do next time. Enjoy the win, Kiki.

Tortimer: You don't happen to have a little crush on Kiki, now do you?
Oops. Is it that obvious?

I went inside town hall to make a 30,000 bell mortgage payment, and then I went home for the night.

Bright Nights is pretty cool, and it’s probably my favorite Wild World exclusive event so far. I would love to see them bring the decorated houses to other games in the series, whether it’s for Bright Nights or just during the holiday season.

If you have Wild World, you have until Monday, February 13th to check out Bright Nights for yourself. Just remember not to talk to Tortimer until you’re done seeing all the houses. 😉

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  1. Bright Lights looks pretty awesome! I really like how they decorate the houses 🙂
    Also, I take it back about Static being your spirit animal 😛 You would never be that rude!

  2. I made the same mistake on Monday as it was my first time seeing bright nights, however next time you play Tortimer will ask you again and then you can change your decision

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