Flower Fest Results

Yesterday (Sunday) was the last day of the Flower Fest. Since this was my first time, I didn’t know how the winner would be announced, or if there would be a ceremony. So I played yesterday, just to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

Kiki: It's been a long and busy week, but the flower fest is finally wrapping up.

I soon discovered that Sunday was just like the previous days of the festival. Tortimer was standing outside of town hall, and he gave me another bag of flower seeds (white cosmos this time). He told me that he’ll post the winner’s name to the bulletin board once the event is over.

Tortimer: When the event ends, the winner's name will be posted to the bulletin board!When I visited Baabara, she told me that smarter people have more concerns.

Baabara: They say smarter people have more concerns, and I gott say, it's true!
Oh, who told you?

At the museum, I donated a Peking man fossil. It appears that I only need three more fossils now!

Blathers also had more new dialogue for me. He said he’s been drinking a lot of coffee lately. The caffeine in the coffee wakes him up, but then he said he drinks it with pigeon milk, which actually relaxes him. So naturally, he started to wonder if they cancel each other out.

Blathers: They cancel each other out? So it wouldn't matter if I drank it or not?He even wondered why he drinks it at all.

Blathers: Hoo. Yes. Ah. Hm. Indeed. Why on earth AM I drinking that stuff, anyway?
For the taste maybe? Ever think of that?

Since the winner of the Flower Fest hadn’t been decided yet, I decided to make a last-ditch effort to win. I bought all the flowers at Nookington’s and placed them outside of my house. Okay, so it wasn’t much, but at least I tried. Sort of. 😛

Flowers outside of my house for the Flower Fest.And today, I started up the game again. I made my way to the bulletin board to see who won the Flower Fest. The winner was…Baabara!

***Final Results*** The biggest blossom of the Spring Flower Fest is Baabara's garden! Way to go!Tortimer wasn’t outside, and nobody made any mention of the results. Baabara didn’t even gloat, which is quite unlike her. Flower Fest is quite an anticlimactic event, but it seems a lot of the Wild World festivals are like that. The animals hype it up, and then there’s not much to it.

Big Top asked me to catch a yellow butterfly for him, so I kept my eyes open for one as I walked around. And sure enough, I found one. But when I took it back to him, he didn’t seem very excited about it any more.

Big Top: I guess I'll take this yellow butterfly.
You guess?

He gave me an ornate rug for my trouble.

At town hall, I made a 35,000 bell mortgage payment before ending my game for the night. Did any of you win your flower fest? Hope you had better luck than me! See you next time!

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