Static Has a Squirrel Friend

My town’s squirrels seem to be getting along very well. Nibbles even suggested that she may stay over at Static’s house for dinner. I guess they can nibble acorns together.

Nibbles: Think I oughta stay over at Static's house for dinner tonight, niblet?When I visited Big Top, he surprised me with a reference to the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. He asked if I liked steam engines, and then he told me that the town he grew up in had a train stop. He even mentioned the monkey (Porter) that worked at the train station!

Big Top: It's not much to brag about, but the town I grew up in had a train stop.Big Top: And there was the coolest monkey who worked at the station, villain!Rod asked me for a new catchphrase, so I told him to say “in my ears.” I then spoke to him several more times to see how he would use it. Ultimately, he told me he works out so much because he wants more muscles, in his ears.

Rod: Man, isn't it obvious? I wanna have more muscles, in my ears!Crazy Redd was in town, so I used the password (which I received in the mail) to get into his tent. I bought a scary painting from him.

Redd: A scary painting!! Cousin, you've got incredible taste! Ol' Redd is in awe!Unfortunately, Blathers soon informed me that the painting was a fake.

Hopper challenged me to a crawfish catching competition. So I caught one in a nearby pond, and took it back to him. He wasn’t happy that I beat him so quickly, and he had trouble accepting my win. But ultimately, he rewarded me with 510 bells for my win.

Hopper: You CAN'T be serious! I didn't just lose to you! I refuse to believe it.
I refuse to believe your eyebrows are the right size for your head.

Once I was done making my rounds, I did some fishing. I caught my first koi, and the accompanying text is so bad that the game groans at its own pun.

I caught a koi! Don't be coy! (Ugh.)I donated the koi to my museum and then ended my game for the night. See you next time!

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