Catching a Coelacanth

It was raining in town, and I was okay with that. But the rain seemed to put Hopper in a poetic mood.

Hopper: Rain tonight... Rain rain rain. My soul! It cries the tears of a million storms!

Static was still sick, so I gave him some medicine once again. He seemed very grateful and full of snot.

Static: Thanks for bein' there, J-rock.Big Top asked me what he should have for his after-dinner beverage. Before I could answer, he said RAIN…in his ears! Ew! Never drink rain water out of your own ears! Or anyone else’s ears, for that matter.

Big Top: What should I have for my after-dinner beverage tonight? RAIN, in my ears!When I visited Rhonda, I saw that she was all packed up and ready to move out of town! I’m not a big fan of Rhonda or anything, but I didn’t want her to leave this early. It’s only been a month. I haven’t had a chance to bug her much yet.

Rhonda: Maybe I should stay after all... bigfoot.I spotted Dr. Shrunk in town, and he offered to teach me a new emotion. I chose sorrow.

Shrunk: Particularly when I think about...all the bugs his open mouth must've caught.I took advantage of the rain by fishing for a coelacanth. And eventually, I actually caught one!

Message after catching a coelacanth: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I caught a living fossil!After donating it to the museum, I continued fishing and bug-catching. I didn’t catch another coelacanth, but I did catch some other valuable fish and bugs. I was finding a lot of atlas beetles in particular.

When I was done, I took the money from my catches up to town hall. I made my largest mortgage payment yet, an even 100,000 bells.

Making a 100,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW).

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  1. During the April 2010 Fishing Tourney in my Wild World town, It rained from 11 AM to Noon, during that time one of the villagers (Rodeo) entered a Coelacanth into the Tourney.

  2. I do have Kiki in City Folk and she once crossed my path when I was fishing and then the next day I had bad luck! Get it because when a black cat crosses someone’s path that is bad luck! I like Kiki. But I have Bella the mouse in Wild World. I did not like her at first. On the second I played Wild World (the first was Walker’s birthday who I do have in Wild World and Frobert also attended) Bella came up to me and asked me for a new catchphrase. I gave her Yuka’s famous one to her and the City Folk Yuka a few days ago. And two weeks later she gave me here picture and warmed up to her ever since. I actually have Bella’s amiibo card. She is in series 1, number 69. Do you ever wish you had Static’s amiibo card? He is in series 4 and he is number 362 out of 400. If Camofrog or Rolf ever move out your New Leaf town. Use Wisp and get Static to move in so you will have him in all the games. His home request in Happy Home Designer is “a game haven”. If there are 4 girl villagers I hate with in each personality, it would be:
    Normal: Deena the duck.
    Peppy: Truffles the pig. (Thank God I got Peggy who is better!)
    Snooty: Pecan the squirrel.
    Uchi: Diva the frog.

    1. The second day in Wild for me was City Folk Pudge’s birthday. One thing about City Folk is on a villager’s birthday, they won’t have a party with another villager at their house which means you don’t have to give them a present but if you wanted to, you would want to mail it. I actually did not play City Folk on July 20th of this year and that day is Yuka’s birthday and she did not deserve a present. Same with Pudge who moved before her birthday.

      1. Just between you and me: I have Yuka in City Folk and I gave her the “I’m evil” catchphrase approx five days ago as of posting this reply. I do have Bella the mouse in Wild World and she was my only starting villager in that game I did not like. I also got Frobert (who is my number one favorite villager of all time) and Walker the lazy dog. When checked my map after talking to Pelly in the town hall, I was shocked that Frobert’s house was across from the whole town across the river. The second day in Wild World, Bella came up to me and said her catchphrase “eeks” was so like ten minutes ago so I gave her the Yuka one because she is as evidenced by her image on her amiibo card which I do have one of. Two weeks later Bella thanked me for being a good friend and gave me her picture and I started liking her more and I warmed up to her ever since. And I was playing New Leaf today. I was working at the Roost and my third customer of the day turned to to be Yucky Yuka. I think this is revenge from City Folk Yuka! I am willing to tell you about my shenanigans with Yuka, Drift and Octavian in City Folk and Pudge and Limberg in Wild World, but Octavian came up to me today and said he wanted to move out and I’m like “Take care you big jerk!” He is meaner than my other cranky villager Lobo the wolf. Also today in Wild World, Lily the normal frog is going to move out of town being my first Wild World to move out even though she has been so nice to me like every normal villager except Jambette who I had in New Leaf for a month before the Welcome amiibo update came out and Creepy Coco. I am not a big of Jambette or Coco. I tried to get Lily to reconsider even though been almost two months I had her but she would not change her mind.

  3. My other hated jock villagers are Drift, Bill the duck, Kevin the pig and Sheldon the squirrel. (The last two debuted in New Leaf alongside with Flip).

  4. I have Yuka the koala in City Folk and she is evil like her Wild World counterpart. I have Poncho in Wild World and New Leaf along with Frobert the frog and they are like my number 3 and number 1 jock villagers respectively. I am trying to get Poncho’s and Frobert’s pics in Wild World along with Maelle the snooty duck’s and Lily the normal frog’s. Maelle is snooty but she’s not much of a jerk. Same with Lobo the wolf in City Folk. My number 4 jock villager is Kody and number 2 is Flip the monkey (who debuted in New Leaf). I also like Snake, Samson, Biff, Rod, Scoot and Teddy. My two hated villagers in Wild World are Limberg the mouse and Pudge. I also had Pudge in City Folk but moved away last month and I got Rowan the jock tiger. You’ll never guess like O’Hare he was a cranky islander in Gamecube but was switched to jock for Wild World which fits him better. I also had Freya the wolf in City Folk and she was Lobo’s next door neighbor and girlfriend but she moved and I got Peggy the peppy pig whom is okay. My hated villagers in City Folk are Yuka, Drift the jock frog who basically is Frobert’s rival or something and Octavian who I do like but he more mean than Lobo (they are both cranky villagers). I am not a big fan of Boone the jock gorilla and Moose the mouse (whom I had in New Leaf but was not one of my favorites. I had Nibbles the peppy squirrel as a starting villager in New Leaf. She was the first villager in that game to move but I did not want her to move because she is awesome! Like Rowan, Drift and Maelle were also islanders on Gamecube.

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