My First Fireworks Festival

The first fireworks festival of the year was held tonight, and the animals in town were quite excited for the event.

Big Top: Whoa! Fireworks! FIREWORKS! The fireworks of summer are here at last!Fireworks appear up in the sky, and they display on the top screen.

Fireworks appear in the sky during the fireworks festival in Animal Crossing: Wild World.When I visited Static, he was finally over his cold. He thanked me for the medicine I’ve been taking him lately, and then he rewarded me with a regal sofa.

Static: I've gotta do something to thank you for nursin' me back to my cranky self.Just as in City Folk, Tortimer will be standing outside of town hall. He hands out sparklers and roman candles.

Tortimer: A sparkler! Now scamper on, you little beastie!As I used my first sparkler, Kiki and Puddles walked right on by. Kiki seemed to walk right into the sparks. 😛

Kiki and Puddles walk by as I set off a sparkler in Animal Crossing: Wild World.
Watch where you’re going!

Hopper told me that he saw Rod and Baabara in the Roost together, sharing the same cup of soda water.

Hopper: They were sharing the same cup of soda water with two straws!He said it was nauseating! 😀

Hopper: It was so nauseating!Speaking of the Roost, I went there myself to catch some live music. K.K. Slider performed Steep Hill for me. One of my favorites!

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Steep Hill!I went around catching some bugs and fish, but I didn’t find any new ones tonight. That ends my streak, but that’s alright. The fireworks were enjoyable to watch. I wrapped up my night by making a 35,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall.

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