Dainty Painting

Crazy Redd was in town today, and I rushed to his tent after reading his letter. Mainly so I didn’t forget today’s password, “is often empty.” He had a dainty painting for sale.

Redd: Ah! I see you've noticed the dainty painting! That's a very nice item!

I bought for 3,920 bells and took it over to Blathers at the museum. It turned to be a legit piece of art, so I donated it.

Dainty painting. Donor: Jeff.

Outside, I ran into Joey. He told me that the number of fossils you’ll find in life is predetermined. He said that he’ll be able to find three per day. That’s nice to see the game acknowledge the daily fossil limit.

Joey: My calculations say that I should be able to find about three per day...

I’m also a bit relieved that there are just three to find each day, since I’ve never found four in Wild World (New Leaf has four per day). I was afraid there was a really well-hidden one somewhere in town that I’d never locate. 😛

There was a new Message of the Week on the bulletin board, and to be honest, I didn’t get it at first. But then it clicked (or should I say snapped).

*Message of the Week* The early bird gets the worm. The late mouse gets the cheese!

Puddles was once again impersonating Katrina the fortune teller. This time, she told me to drink buckets of cocoa before bed. If I do that, she won’t be the only Puddles in town.

Puddles: Drink buckets of cocoa before bed...or else!

I had a little chat with Curly outside, and he informed that he was all banana. Alrighty then.

Curly: H-hey! I'm not rotten! And I'm sure not mushy! I'm all banana, baby!

His mood improved a bit later. He asked me for a fossil, and I gave him a dinosaur track that I dug up. He gladly accepted it, and he rewarded me with 510 bells.

After selling some stuff at Nookington’s, I made a 30,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall. I then ended my game for the night.

But there is one other thing I’d like to share. My latest Wild World video is done, showing highlights of events from late September through last Saturday. It’s episode 11 of my series. Hope you enjoy!

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