Funky Forest Air

I usually ignore the normal letters from the HRA (Happy Room Academy). But today, I noticed that this one mentioned me completing the mush furniture set. Even though it didn’t exactly congratulate me for the feat, I thought that was  a nice touch.

Jeff, your room gets 71,989 points! You've completed the Mush series! That took determination. -Happy Room AcademyNookington’s was already closed by the time I played tonight (because I was busy writing a particularly long New Leaf blog entry). But outside of the shop, I ran into Joey. He told me he was going to use his net to catch air, and then bottle it, and sell funky Forest air in other towns!

Joey: I'm gonna use this net to catch air. Then...Joey: I'll bottle it and sell funky Forest air in other towns!Why do you think the air is funky? And if that’s true, why would other people want to buy it? And even if they did, why would you need a net when you could just open the bottle? I have so many questions about his business plan. We could have another Crazy Redd in the making.

This week’s Message of the Week on the bulletin board warned against making mountains out of molehills. But only because the moles don’t like it.

*Message of the Week* Don't make mountains out of molehills. It leads to angry moles.When I visited Puddles, I saw that she had her belongings packed up in boxes. I decided I would only try to save her one time, and if it didn’t work, I would let her go. But fortunately, she mentioned a cancel penalty, and I think that means I saved her.

Puddles: What am I supposed to do about the cancel penalty, rib-ribbit?Crazy Redd was in town, and I used the password “mice shop” to squeak inside his tent. I bought the worthy painting he had for 3,920 bells. I took it over to the museum, and Blathers told me it was a real work of art! I donated it immediately.

Worthy painting. Donor: Jeff.

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