Bright Nights 2018

The Bright Nights festival for 2018 is now underway, so villagers have decorated their houses with colored lights. Some trees around town have also been decorated. It gives the town a Christmassy feel, even though it’s February. Here you can see Bud’s house.

Bud's house decorated with lights for the Bright Nights festival in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

With one decorated tree next to it, and another behind it, I’ve decided this is my favorite of my animals’ houses. Of course, they’re all pretty much the same aside from the nearby trees.

Curly was still stick, and he demanded asked that I bring him some medicine. He’s lucky I was nice enough to buy some for him.

Curly: Bring me medicine...PLEASE!
Wait, how did he decorate his house if he’s been sick?

The latest Message of the Week warned sailors about the dangers of burritos. 😛

*Message of the Week* Burritos in the morning? Sailors take warning!

Kiki asked me what kind of girl she was, cute or normal.

Kiki: I hate to ask, but what kind of girl would you say I am? Jeff: You're cute!

I told her she was cute, and she really seemed to appreciate it. She thanked me and gave me her heart…shirt. Is this an early Valentine’s present?

Kiki: It's a, uh... I can't really explain this, so here it is: a heart shirt!

Rhonda opened up to me, telling me that she likes being treated mean. Somehow, that fact did not surprise me.

Rhonda: Sometimes, I want to be treated mean. Just a little, though.But it got worse. She told me she’s the type to spit in a customer’s food at fast-food restaurants! Remind me never to eat her cooking.

Rhonda: I'm the sort of person who fakes smiles for customers at fast-food restaurants...Rhonda: ...and then spits in their food when they're not looking.After I was done making my rounds, I went over to town hall. Tortimer wanted to know whose house looked the best, and I answered with Bud. Tortimer said he’d give Bud a good slap on the back to congratulate him.

Tortimer: After all, I am the mayor! And a slap from me is better than a cookie!Inside town hall, I made a 35,000 bell mortgage payment before wrapping up my night. Unfortunately, Crazy Redd doesn’t come to town during Bright Nights, so I was unable to buy any new art this week.

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  1. Yeah, I always found it odd that Bright Nights was in February instead of outright replacing Christmas (read: held in late December).

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