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Villagers: Tipper, Amelia, Nibbles, Sylvia, Octavian, Chadder, Pompom, Marina, Peck
Previous Dream Address: 5700-2038-6151
This is the story of my dream adventure to Nintendo's official Animal Crossing: New Leaf town.

When I arrived, I noticed the town tree was surrounded by fossils, and perfect apple trees were located all around. Nintendo of America is located in Redmond, Washington, and Washington state is known for its apples. So perhaps that has something to do with that. I don't understand the significance (if any) of the fossils around the tree, though.

The paths were made of a stone tile pattern, surrounded by bushes on both sides. They looked great.

And there was this really nice park.

Scattered around town are "famous mushrooms." When you eat them, you grow to super size! Unfortunately, the effect only lasts about a second. But this town has a LOT of them, so it's fun to use them everywhere!

I soon reached the first house, which is a Pikmin 3 themed home. Nearby, there is a colorful flower garden, complete with a Pikmin face-cutout standee.

When you go inside the house, you see that the main room is futuristic and seems to be the cockpit of the spaceship.

The other rooms are colored to match each type of Pikmin: red, blue, yellow, pink, and rock Pikmin. It's a great-looking house.

When I went back outside, I had a big thirst. So I drank a geyser!

And then I met Luigi.

I had reached Luigi's part of town. I took a picture at Luigi's face-cutout standee.

There was also a lil bro's hat and lil bro's tee lying on the ground. I put them on I turned into Luigi. Eating a famous mushroom then turned me into Super Luigi!

I then went inside Luigi's house. In the main room, the creepy song Hypno K.K. was playing. I remember that song well from Aika Village. There was a fireplace, a doghouse, a grandfather clock, a bookcase, and a vacuum in the middle of the floor. This is Luigi's Mansion!

The upstairs featured a small art exhibit, with paintings of Mabel, Isabelle, Tom Nook, the town tree, and a gyroid.

The basement had a Reggie painting, a Shigeru Miyamoto painting, and a mannequin dressed up like Princess Toadstool Peach. I didn't see any ghosts while in Luigi's Mansion, but mannequins can be a bit creepy themselves. And how is her parasol standing up like that?? Oooh, spooky.

Back outside, I reached what seems to be the "green" part of town. There was a wind turbine for wind energy and solar panels for solar energy.

Near the third and final house, I saw Mario. Hi bro!

His house had only one room, and naturally, it was filled with Mario items. Those spinning coins look nice and shiny, but why would Mario keep piranha plants in his house?

There was also a Mario face cut-out standee, and a big bro's shirt and hat to dress up like Mario.

The town hall had been renovated to the modern style, and Reggie was on the flag.

If you get tired of exploring, you can take a break on the hammock. Nothing says "I'm tired" like taking a nap in the middle of a dream.

The town also showed off a wide variety of public works projects (PWPs). I really liked this fire pit. It's hot, very hot there.

And with that, my dream was almost over. The Nintendo town is a really enjoyable town to visit. The themed houses are well done, the projects are nice to see, the town is aesthetically pleasing, and of course the famous mushrooms are fun to eat. So I ate a bunch of them on my way back to my bed. Happy dreaming, everyone!

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