Dreaming of Lebanon

Velma’s house has now been built and the Mystery Machine was sitting right outside. I went inside to meet my newest neighbor (and crimefighter/ ghostbuster). She moved from the town of Red Hook.

Velma: Nice to meet you! I'm Velma. I just moved here from Red Hook.She was in the process of unpacking, and she told me the boxes would be gone by tomorrow. And if not, she has some consequences for herself?

Velma: And if they aren't, I've got some very serious consequences lined up for myself.Back outside, I found a lost item on the ground behind Molly’s house.

A lost item on the ground among flowers.It didn’t belong to Molly, Rolf, or Agent S. But the 4th time was the charm: It was Daisy’s bag! She thanked me for returning it (although she didn’t tell me what was inside…probably a cookie). She rewarded me by giving me a cabin armchair.

Daisy: I had something really important inside, so I'm relieved you found it, cookie.After completing my walk around town, I went up to the Dream Suite. While there, I took a dream visit to Clayton’s town of Lebanon. The current dream address is 4C00-0073-C02F. At the train station, I found…some trains!

Train patterns on the ground in the town of Lebanon.The town is currently set to winter, so there’s snow on the ground…and on the PWPs.

Snow on the ground and on the solar panel PWP.And there are PWPs just about everywhere you look. Lots of flowers, too.

A fountain and a flower clock in the town of Lebanon.Many PWPs in Lebanon: A park clock, street lamp, blue bench, and jungle gym.Many of the villagers are cats, and the town tune made me laugh: It’s the song from the Meow Mix commercials! Haha! It sounds best when sung by the cat villagers, of course.

Tangy: Hey! Who are YOU? Are you... from another town maybe?Clayton has a room in his house devoted to his many villager pictures.

A room with many villager pictures.It’s a really nice town, so give it a visit if you’d like! Again, the dream address is 4C00-0073-C02F.

Once I woke up from my dream, I updated my own dream as well. (My dream address is 4300-2003-9889 now 5D00-000F-7611). Luna also told me that JD from the town of Miller was my most recent dream visitor.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. Tomorrow is the fireworks festival, and I’ll be opening my gate around 8pm Eastern time for people on my 3DS roster. (This replaces Friday Night Forest for August). So I’ll have another entry tomorrow night. Have a good night!

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