Peck Packed & Pucchin

Today was Peck’s last day in Forest, so I made sure to say goodbye to him.

Peck: Heh heh! As you can probably tell by looking, I'm moving out!
Did you pack up your body too?

If Peck packed purple pajamas, plaid pedal pushers, and pastel panties, precisely how many pairs of pants did Peck probably pack?

Not much else was going on in town, so I headed up to the Dream Suite. I dreamed of Marcus’ town of Pucchin (dream address 5800-4155-0731). Between the paths, the flowers, and the cherry blossoms, it’s a gorgeous town!

Fountain and flowers in Pucchin.There are lots of fountains here–even a drinking fountain! 😛 I stopped for a drink of water.

Drinking fountain in Pucchin.And then I took a little nap!

Taking a nap in Pucchin.I even visited Stonehenge!

Visiting Stonehenge in Pucchin.It’s a really beautiful town. The dream address again is 5800-4155-0731 if you want to check it out for yourself.

Flower clock and flowers.A statue fountain in Pucchin.

After I woke up from my dream, Luna told me my most recent dream visitor was Matthew from Floraton.

A bit later, Isaiah from Palm Bay came over to adopt Peck.

Isaiah stopped over.We headed down to Peck’s house and they had a little chat.

Isaiah speaks with Peck.When they were done, Peck confirmed that he’s moving to Palm Bay. I hope you enjoy having him in your town, Isaiah!

Peck: I'm going to move to a place called Palm Bay!

10 thoughts on “Peck Packed & Pucchin”

  1. Oh, Jeff, in your dream town today, I found a new villager moving in! Be prepared for Hippeux to join the Forest family!

  2. I have a (minorly) hacked town if you want to visit it, the address is 4800-6326-8128. The only thing really is villager hacks and bell hacks. Also, if you want to see an easter egg (which happened by accident, mind you), check out Bob’s house. Oh, yeah, you can go in the River! ☺

  3. Glad Peck’s head went to a good home! Pucchin looks really pretty – looks like I should take a leaf out of Marcus’ book 🙂 But you came all the way to Stonehenge & didn’t come to see me? I’m disappointed, Jeff 😛

    1. Uh how did THAT happen Did you drop it I would be very sad if I lost mine glad I didn’t I spent a lot of time making my town awesome! But sorry bout your game when did this

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