Not Happy About Hippeux

The bad part about only having eight villagers is that you can get random move-ins. And that’s what happened; I found a house plot for Hippeux the hippo yesterday.

The plot for Hippeux's new house.The good news is that it’s in a good location. It’s close to the lighthouse and no roses or paths were disturbed.

His house was built overnight, and I went in to meet him today. This is where the bad news comes in. Yikes…

Hippeux: I just moved here. I'm Hippeux, and here's the one thing to know about me. I like cafe au lait.
I was not saying hip, hip, hooray, that’s for sure.

I miss Peck already. Facing the reality that Forest was now home to both Elise and this new hippo thing, I decided I’d rather live in a dream world. So I headed to the town of Kefton, which Tom recommended to me. The dream address is 4800-2342-0401 (update: it’s now 4E00-0023-C552). While the town itself isn’t amazing, the home of the mayor (SiO) has some very unique rooms…including a rainbow of beds.

Rainbow beds.The house also has a complete chess set and this golden throne room. I’ve seen throne rooms before…but not like this!

Throne room full of golden toilets.And then there was this room. Wheat for it…

Wheat and watermelon room.I don’t even know what in the world this is. Is it a face? Why the watermelon chairs? It’s just so bizarre…but it’s unique. After visiting tons of dream towns, I’ve grown to appreciate uniqueness as much as beauty. Even pretty towns start to look the same after you’ve seen so many of them.

After I was done in Kefton, I also visited Ola’s dream town of Twinkle (dream address 6100-4757-6993). I just wanted to share a picture of this colorful brick path that I particularly liked.

Rainbow brick path in Twinkle.See you all next time. Have a good weekend!

UPDATE: Just realized I forgot to include Peck’s goodbye letter that I received on Wednesday. Here it is:

Peck's goodbye letter.

9 thoughts on “Not Happy About Hippeux”

  1. You didn’t mention my tip I gave to you about Hippyyux, Hippeucks, Hipperuck, whatever you call it! 🙁

    1. You mean the warning you gave me about seeing Hippeux’s house plot? I had already seen the house before I uploaded my dream, so I already knew the bad news. 😛

      1. Ok. I read the comment after I read this. Sorry. But PLEASE at least make it a running gag to misspell Hippeucks’s name!

  2. Eek, you’ve been unlucky with your villagers lately! Hopefully somebody comes up in the campsite or something… Who’d you like to encounter in the campsite?

    1. I am also writing, with a great amount of misfortune, that Katt has moved into my town. I recall her being on your town too; doesn’t she look like a vampire? xD!

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