Lily’s Pet Spider

On Monday, I spotted a rainbow in town. From my central bridge, it looked like the rainbow went from a tree to a round topiary. But where’s my pot of gold??

A rainbow overhead, with one end apparently ending at a tree and the other end stopping at a round topiary PWP.

That same day, my dream visitor count reached 1,024. If you’re wondering why that’s significant, it’s because my pre-update dream visitor total was 8,978. And if you add them together, my grand total of dream visitors tops 10,000. Thank you all for visiting. 🙂

Camofrog gave me one of his unwanted possessions. But he made it sound like he just unloads his junk on me. Like I’m his personal trash man.

Camofrog: Hah! Don't get too excited. I just needed to get rid of some stuff, so you're a pretty good option.

Today, message was posted on the bulletin board saying that the buds on trees are growing. They’ll be in full bloom by April 1st; that’s when we’ll start seeing pink trees around town.

Agent S told me she was looking for me, up a tree!

Agent S: Hey! I found you! I've totally been looking for you, up a tree!
You were looking the wrong place. You’re the squirrel, not me.

She asked me for a butterfly, but it was raining, so there weren’t any out. But I grabbed an emperor butterfly from my dock box (I keep some in there for specifically this reason), and she rewarded me with a modern wood lamp.

I was shaking some trees today. I got stung by a bee once, but I also caught two bees (and a spider). Lily didn’t seem very supportive, telling me my face was a mess.

Lily: Oh no! I was wondering who that was. It's you, isn't it, Jeff? No offense, but your face is a mess!She then asked me for some new furniture. Since she was a bit rude, I decided to give her a spider as her new furniture! 😛 But as it turns out, she actually liked it a lot!

Lily: Look! It's just perfect! It seems that Ms. Spider is happy as well.
How do you know it’s a girl? Did you examine it that closely?

She rewarded me with a ranch bookcase.

Out in the rain, Rodeo was telling me how much he loves pie. He said it’s the perfect food! Too bad he was one day late for Pi(e) Day (3/14).

Rodeo: To be totally honest, though, I like any kind of pie! It's seriously the perfect food, or not.

My recent dream visitors have been Twitch from Anxiety, Brady from Brooklyn, and Sora from Danceway. Thanks for stopping by. See you again on Friday. 🙂

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