Agent Snoop?

A message posted on the bulletin board served as a reminder that Bunny Day (aka Easter) is coming up this Sunday, April 16th. Check out my Bunny Day Guide if you want a refresher on how it all works.

~Notice~ On April 16th, Zipper T. Bunny will be arriving in Forest! Grab your tools and head to the plaza for a fun day of surprises!Yesterday, Agent S confessed that she wanted to snoop around my house! I turned down her offer to visit, though.

Agent S: In other words, I totally want to snoop around your house!
What does the S in Agent S stand for anyway? Snoop?

Today, I found Lopez camping out at the campsite.

Lopez: Oh, I'm not anyone suspicious! My name's Lopez. I'm just out camping in Forest.Gulliver was down on the beach, and I kept talking to him until I woke him up from his deep, deep sleep. He was talking about mariachi bands, so I knew he was headed to Mexico. He’ll send me a gift from there tomorrow.

Gulliver: The trouble is I never know how to eat in moderation, so I always overeat! That's no bueno!Not a whole lot has been going on, at least partially because I haven’t been playing as much lately. I still play every day, but the sessions are usually short. Friday Night Forest is coming up on Friday though, so I’ll see you then!

My recent dream visitors have been Leo from Palette, Gregorio from Ettelap, Nicholas from Smuzzy, and then Mayounna from Amy Rose once again. Thanks for stopping by!

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