Creepy Spring & Putting FNF on Ice

Yesterday,  I got a letter in the mail from Gulliver. He was on his trip to Mexico, and he sent me a skeleton figurine.

At 10:00 tonight, I opened my gate for Friday Night Forest. I waited for half an hour, but nobody showed up. And only one person came last month. So I think I’m going to end Friday Night Forests, for a while at least. And maybe until the next Animal Crossing game comes out.

Rolf was talking about Bunny Day coming up on Sunday. He basically said Zipper T. Bunny makes the season creepy. I couldn’t argue with that.

Rolf: He's kinda like a sign of the season! When I see him, I feel like spring has arrived! Creepy, creepy spring...Over by the town tree, I found a lost item on the ground.

A lost item on the ground.After a couple minutes, I returned it to its owner, Aurora. She said there was an important recipe inside, and she was glad to have it back. She rewarded me with a robo-wall.

Aurora: Hey! This IS mine!

Saharah was in town, and I decided to hire her for the first time in a while. For 3,000 bells, she installed this garden wall and cowhide rug. Garden and cowhide? Sounds like meat and veggies for a well-balanced meal house.

A garden wall and cowhide rug on display in my house.

My recent dream visitors have been Max from New York and Bethany from Daften. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good weekend!

18 thoughts on “Creepy Spring & Putting FNF on Ice”

  1. I might have popped in that day since I have been meaning to come back, but I was recovering from a hard day at work that day. Thankfully I no longer have that job, so I may come back in the future. I don’t blame you on putting FNF on a hiatus for now, from what I can tell, everyone seems to be losing interest in New Leaf now that the honeymoon period of the Welcome Amiibo update is over…

    1. I’ve participated in most of the holidays (including Bunny Day) several times already, so I don’t always play each one in-depth. But there will be a new entry tonight.

  2. Jeff you should do more island escape On ur blog

    I need help I want to keep track of my dreams with Luna in the dream suite but how my mom won’t let me have YouTube or a website and I don’t won’t to wright it down I want to have pictures or game facts please help!

  3. When I first read the title, I thought that you literally put Friday Night Forest on ice. If you did, I wonder how cold it must’ve been for FNF..

      1. For me it’s a 10 I like it way more thanks to the amiibo update but I think it would have been beter if u could vist towns (without dreaming) not being friends with the player on friend list

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