July Bug-Off

Yesterday, I got this conical straw hat in the mail from Gulliver in Vietnam.

Wearing a conical straw hat that Gulliver sent me from Vietnam.Today, Squishy came over to smuggle sell some oranges at Re-Tail.

Squishy arrives in Forest.As she was selling, I picked some peaches and put a basket of them in my storage. When I came back out of my house, I apparently scared Squishy. I guess she didn’t know where I was, and then I suddenly appeared. Maybe she was just afraid that I was Copper, about to sniff out her illegal fruit smuggling ring. 😛

When she was done, I ended the session and put my 3DS in sleep mode. I picked it back up later on, and I found some fresh perfect oranges right in front of the train station. Thanks, Squishy! I’ll be sure to give these to my villagers as I try to squeeze them into giving me their pictures. 😉

Finding some perfect oranges on the ground by the train station.I spotted a bug on my tree stump, so I got my net out and caught it. It was a longhorn beetle. Since the July Bug-Off was being held today, I decided to give that beetle to Nat. He judged it and gave it a score of 62 points.

Nat: 62 points!That was enough to put me in first place, and Nat gave me a minimalist lamp. A light, simple reward.

I didn’t try to top that score, and I just waited out the Bug-Off. Later on, I returned for the winners’ ceremony. Aurora got third place with a 35-point snail, Rolf got second place with a 47-point walking stick, and my longhorn beetle hung on to win. Yay.

I celebrate a Bug-Off win. Rolf won 2nd place and Aurora got 3rd place.

My recent dream visitors have been Nelly from Spirit (yesterday) and then today, MaryAnn from Tropical! That’s a familiar name! Hi Yann, if you happen to read this!

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  1. Hey Jeff, I found a bug. When I put money in my account before I got to Town Hall for the first time, my game crashed, and I can’t open it back up. Do you know how to deal with this?

    1. Have you tried fully powering down the system (not just using sleep mode)? Try leaving it off for a minute or so before turning the 3DS back on, and try again.

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