Relocating the World Wonders

Over the weekend, Boots told me he was already thinking about replacing his eight lamp. Oh no you don’t! Even though I’ve been trying to help him out (so I can get his picture), this is where I draw the line. This was one request that I ignored.

Boots: I've been thinking about replacing my eight lamp.The next day, I spotted a rainbow in town! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of these here in Forest!

I sit on a metal bench with a rainbow in the sky behind me in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.Booker’s upstairs room is fully expanded now, so I began moving the necessary items. But as Booker neared the items, Wisp tried to get his attention…from inside a magic lamp.

Wisp, inside a magic lamp: Would you consider taking me with you? Naturally, I'll repay you somehow...I ignored the ghost and lamp, and finished moving the items into the upstairs room. Wonder what I’ve put up there? (Did somebody say wonder?) I have relocated my “World Wonders” exhibit from the museum. In other words, it’s a collection of all 30 of Gulliver’s items from around the world.

A room full of Gulliver's exclusive items from around the world.The good thing about having it here instead of the museum is that now anyone who dreams of Forest can check them all out. Just go to the Dream Suite and enter dream address 5D00-000F-7611 if you’d like to see them all in person.

I found a lost item on the ground tonight, and I was able to return it to its owner Molly. She thanked me by giving me her big bro’s tee.

Molly: In terms of a reward, this is all I have on me right now.  I hope you like my big bro's tee!
Mario is your big bro?

Agent S told me she was planning on moving out of town on September 9th, but of course, I made her stay.

Agent S: Anyway, I've decided I can bloom again if I move to a new town, if I die!

My recent dream visitors have been Oney from Froggg, Cj from Hartland, Toriel from Ruins, Kathi from Paris, Frankie from Windsor, Jayden from Getland, Daniel from Hylmie, and Maysoon from Bristol. Thanks for stopping by!

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