Revisiting Club Tortimer

Britt recently let me visit Billy’s RV. Thanks, Britt! 🙂 I needed the black phone for Booker’s house. But when I saw this hideous “lucky doll,” I had to order it as well. 😀

Billy: Pretty sweet ride, huh? And it's big enough for a total-body workout. Let's do some spins! Wheeeee!For now, I just put in my Halloween themed room with all the other creepy items.

My room of spooky/creepy items.

I visited Merka’s town over the weekend. We uh, planted some beans.

Jeff and Merka throwing beans in the New Leaf town of Muffy.I had a chat with some of her villagers, and I apparently made Drake sad when I told him the town was dirty. Oops. 😛

Drake: I can't believe you think our town is dirty.After a night at the Zelda Symphony on Saturday, I found six new StreetPass homes in the Happy Homes Showcase. I made sure to check out all of their houses.

Six people in the Happy Homes Showcase.On Sunday, my bank account balance reached 103 million bells.

In addition to giving some things away on Bell Tree and Facebook lately, I’ve also been visiting Club Tortimer. It’s mainly been to look for rare items in the shop (to then give away). But I’ve also met some interesting people. Olivia put on this werewolf hood, and then she started howling and growling.

Olivia, wearing a werewolf hood: OWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!Olivia: grrrrrrrr!I’ve also gone on some tours while on the islands.

Tortimer: For your outstanding performance, you've earned a Gold Tortimer award and 7 medals!On Monday, Vivian suggested a new PWP (public works project)! She said we should build a modern bench in town.

Vivian: A modern bench! You do agree, right? RIGHT?This is what it looks like. Honestly, it looks kind of plain. I normally like the modern PWPs, but this one looks like sit. 😛

Modern bench PWP: 52,800 bells.Lily asked me to fetch Bob for her. When I told Bob the news, he seemed afraid of Lily! He asked me to come along to protect him! From Lily? Wow, Bob is such a scaredy-cat!

Bob: You're coming with me, right, muffin? I need you to protect me if Lily's mad at me!But of course Lily wasn’t mad at Bob. She heard Bob was looking for her, but it turns out he just wanted to know how to spell a word! Except that he couldn’t remember what the word was. 😛

Bob: Oh, right. I wanted to ask you how to spell something. But I can't remember what word it was...I found Rolf sitting on the metal bench, so I had a seat next to him.

Rolf and Jeff sitting on a metal bench PWP.Later, I found Bob in the same spot, although he was taking a cat nap. I sat next to him, but I didn’t wake him up.

Bob sleeping on a metal bench.On another Club Tortimer visit, I went on a gardening tour with Jacob. We won the gold Tortimer award, and Jacob seemed really happy about it. 🙂

Jacob, on Club Tortimer: Awesome, a gold award!On the international island, I ran into a Japanese player who gave me a basket of each perfect fruit. That was nice of her.

Jeff: Oh, thank you!

Miiverse closed late last night, and I have not earned any more badges. Although I think I must be getting close to earning the gold visitor badge. I figured that I could perhaps edit my previous badge screen image once I get that one, so I’m not posting that GIF of my badges just yet. Hopefully soon, though! Don’t worry, I’m not going to wait for the weed-pulling or StreetPassing badges. Those could take years.

My recent dream visitors have been Fingus from Catville, Linkling from Poké, D1PP3R from Huricane, Colin from Domden, Haliegh from Mahogany, and Luna from Patue. Thank you all for visiting!

7 thoughts on “Revisiting Club Tortimer”

  1. I barely go on Club Tortimer anymore. xD
    One reason is people literally look for BFs and GFs on there, another is there are people who are asking for friends, then steal items…..

    So that is why I barely go on there.

    1. Yeah if anyone’s acting too weird, I’ll leave. I normally leave pretty quickly anyway, since I’m mainly interested in shop items. I don’t see how people could steal items, though? Kapp’n keeps your belongings so you don’t even have them with you, other that whatever you’re wearing.

      1. When they ask me to add them, I normally agree. Then they ask to come to mine innocently, I agree and then all of my perfect fruit and flowers are gone. It is annoying.

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