Finishing Booker’s House

Since last time, I’ve ordered the basic display stands I’ve needed from Candi’s RV. They all had to be customized back to their original condition, but that’s alright because I think they look a lot better than the tables I was using before.

Booker's house before and after the transformation.But while I was improving the room, I decided to go all out and finish it. I finally made the designs for the wanted poster on the wall, and I changed the flooring. Here’s a look at the police station as seen on GameCube, and then Booker’s house as it currently stands.

The police station in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube. Booker's house.

If you’d like to visit via the Dream Suite, my dream address is 5D00-000F-7611. And if you’d like to use those patterns, they’re available on the QR Codes page.

Update: Here’s a look at the lower part of the room. I didn’t add the third row of stands/tables because it looked too crowded. But I have the desk, the phone, some papers on the desk, and the locker on the right side.

The lower part of Booker's room.

I found Boots sitting on the metal bench one day, and he said he saved a seat for me. Normally I don’t advise trusting an alligator that tells you to take a seat, but I was pretty sure Boots wasn’t going to eat me. 😛

Boots: Dearie! Saved you a seat!

Lily told me that she was planning to move out of town on the 1st of this month. That actually means the first of next month, which is coming up on Friday. I’m letting her go, so if anyone wants her, please contact me (preferably on social media).

Lily: Well, that really resonated with me. So I've decided to move on the 1st of this month.After depositing some money into my bank account, my balance reached 104 million bells.

Your current balance is 104,000,000 bells.

My recent dream visitors have been Kim from The Giver, Mayounna from Amy Rose, Rose from MoonRose, Maddie from Jamaa, Mark from Village, T.K. from F.T, and Skullkid from DekuTree. Thanks for stopping by!

By the way, I’ve recently put together an Amazon list of games I’ve been enjoying lately, and some of the accessories I use. If you’d like to check it out, it’s at

10 thoughts on “Finishing Booker’s House”

    1. Sure, I’ve added a pic to the entry. I never added a third row of tables because it looked a bit too crowded, but I have the desk, phone, papers, and the locker.

  1. Can I have Lily? I love Lily, I had her in my old town! She would be an AMAZING replacement for Rasher! Ughhh… Rasher!

    1. Elliott asked first on Twitter, so he’ll get the first chance at her. But if I have any trouble contacting him, I’ll reply to see if you’re around on Friday night.

      1. Got it. FC is 3110-7186-8022. Hope Lily can find a new home! P.S. What’s your friend code? Also, just a random question, what’s your favorite of K.K. Slider’s songs? Mine’s K.K. Bubblegum!

        1. Okay, mine is 4613-6863-2685. If I don’t hear from Elliott by around 9 p.m. EST on Friday, I’ll post here to see if you’re around. There are a lot of K.K. songs I like, but I don’t think I have a single favorite.

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