Harvest Festival 2017

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and Animal Crossing celebrates the occasion with the harvest festival. Tortimer was standing outside of town hall, next to tables full of fruit and side dishes…but no main course. Tortimer gave me a knife and fork.

Tortimer: Gobble dee HO! Gobble dee HAY! It's the Harvest Festival today!Tangy was using the holiday to…look for a boy? She was hoping a boy would fall in love with her after seeing her elegant cutlery moves. And she just happened to be wearing a very skimpy bikini as well.

Tangy: I'm hoping some handsome boy sees my elegant cutlery moves and totally falls for me, I'm a gem!
I don’t think your cutlery moves will be what catches their attention.

I soon found Franklin the turkey hiding behind Midge’s house. He seemed a little tense.

Franklin: I'm freakin' out here!I gave him the knife and fork, and he gave me a harvest lamp in return. I went back to Tortimer for another knife and fork, and continued my walk around town. The next time I found Franklin, he gave me a harvest dresser.

Franklin: You know what? Just to say thanks, I'll give you this harvest dresser.

Near the northwest bridge, I ran into Champ the monkey. Like PoizonMushro0m (Mike) pointed out in a comment last time, some people think Champ may really be Porter, who runs the train station in the GameCube game and in New Leaf. Champ’s catchphrase seems to support this theory, seeing that his catchphrase is “choo CHOO.”

Champ: Knowing that you look awesome is half of actually being awesome, choo CHOO!When I visited Benedict, he told me the plan for today: Stuff your face, complain about being full, and then go back for more.

Benedict: First you stuff your face, then you complain about how full you are, then you go back for more!Once I finished making my rounds, I focused on hunting down Franklin. I’d give him the knife and fork, get a piece of harvest furniture, get new cutlery from Tortimer, and then look for Franklin again.

Franklin: Don't eat me!

In all, I found Franklin ten times. I then sold the furniture for a total of 33,330 bells. It’s actually not worth as much as I was thinking; the spooky and Jingle sets are worth much more.

Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the United States like me! And if not, I hope you enjoyed the harvest festival in any Animal Crossing games that you may have played today. See you next time!

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  1. When I played Wild World today, I gave Frobert and Bella some awkward catchphrases. I gave Frobert “dudette” and Bella “I’m evil”. I also want Frobert to give me his picture and it has been hard because he tried to move out yesterday but I got him to reconsider. When I played City Folk today, Yuka pinged me and said she was thinking about moving. I did not try to stop her. Yuka says “I’m evil” but with an exclamation mark at the end. #NoMoreYuka

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