Splatoon 2 Map Size Guide

There are currently 11 stages (maps) in the Splatoon 2 rotation. Ever wonder which maps have the most inkable turf? Here I will list them from largest to smallest, along with their approximate size. Personally, I love larger maps that have lots of ground to cover, while small maps seem more likely to end up with one team spawn camping the other. This chart will be updated each time another map is added to the rotation (via DLC).

Inkblot Art Academy is the largest, followed by Port Mackerel. The smallest is Musselforge Fitness, followed by Starfish Mainstage. Since the shape and size of Shifty Station changes for each Splatfest, it is not included in the main chart. See below for more information.

Map NameSize (Approximate)Size Rank
Inkblot Art Academy2449p1st
Port Mackerel2448p2nd
Sturgeon Shipyard2391p3rd
Manta Maria2356p4th
The Reef2319p5th
Kelp Dome2317p6th
Humpback Pump Track2250p7th
Snapper Canal2249p8th
Moray Towers2224p9th
Starfish Mainstage2137p10th
Musselforge Fitness1970p11th

About the Figures

After each Turf War battle, the game displays the area covered by each team, along with the percentage of the total. With just a little math, you can figure out the total amount of inkable turf on each stage. While the results may vary a bit each time due to rounding, I tried to minimize the effect by taking at least ten results for each map and averaging them out. These results aren't official and may not be exact, but they shouldn't be off by more than a few p. In other words, they are certainly more than adequate to compare the sizes of one map to another.

End screen results for a Turf War battle on the Manta Maria map.

Note: Trees do not count as inkable turf, as of Version 1.2.0 (source)

Shifty Station

As mentioned above, Shifty Station has a different size and layout for each Splatfest. So I didn't include it in the chart above, but I will still list each version here and the approximate size. Note: This list is based on the maps that have appeared in America and does not include any Japan-exclusive maps. Also, I want to point out that the figures here (at least for the first two Splatfests) are based on a smaller sample size, so they may be slightly less accurate than the chart above.

VersionSize (Approximate)Splatfest (U.S.)Date
12014pMayo vs. KetchupAug. 5, 2017
21887pFlight vs. InvisibilitySep. 2, 2017
32062pVampires vs. WerewolvesOct. 14, 2017

To see a video showing the first two versions of Shifty Station, click here. For additional Splatoon 2 videos, see jvgsjeff on Youtube.

Do any of these results surprise you? Leave a comment below!

Latest updates:
October 14, 2017: Shifty Station version 3 added. September 16, 2017: Kelp Dome added to list.

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