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Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Code Exchange

Sorry, but the friend code exchange board is no longer active. It's been a good run: Nineteen months of new friends, trades, giveaways, ups-and-downs, format changes, and much more. But that ride has now come to an end. When I launched in 2011, the site primarily just had blogs and game reviews. This change will allow me to focus on those once again, as well as guides and other features. I know many of you are disappointed about this change, and I sincerely apologize to those who followed the rules and used the site for its intended purpose. Thank you for the good times and I wish you all good luck.

The other sections of JVGS will remain alive and well. I will continue updating my New Leaf Blog and Tomodachi Life Blog regularly, and the hair guide here is the best around. For dream addresses, you can continue to use the Dream Suite Adventures page to find good dreams to visit or share your own. For general questions about the game, you can still post them on a blog entry and I'll try to help if I can. I hope you'll bookmark JVGS and continue to visit to see what's new. Additional guides, reviews, blog entries, and more are on the way.

Special thanks to Wendy, Mark, Stace, and Tiffiny for all of their help. Also to Pencil and Hannah for their help that first summer. And thank you all who have used this page.

If you're looking for places to do trades and plan meetings. I recommend using the two most popular Animal Crossing forums, Animal Crossing Community and Bell Tree Forums. You may also find some friend groups on Facebook or in designated areas of general video game or Nintendo forums/sites.

To those of you who continue visiting the other parts of JVGS, I'll see you around. Everyone else, take care. Maybe our paths will cross again someday. Thanks again for everything. -Jeff

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