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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Visitor Guidelines

Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf online with friends can be a lot of fun, and it can also be quite beneficial. Players can work together to get the best turnip prices, complete a snowman bingo card, or help each other find fossils, furniture, and other items. But it's also important to be respectful of other players' towns. Every mayor is different and he or she may have rules for their town that they expect visitors to follow. Until you get to know a person's expectations, here are some general guidelines that are a good idea to follow:

1. Don't take anything without asking. Some players don't mind if you take fruit off of trees or fossils buried underground, but others do. Be sure to ask before taking anything that's not yours.

2. Stay on paths (if applicable) and don't run. Running can wear down grass, and it also makes it easier to accidentally run over (and kill) flowers. Of course this can vary by town: Some mayors don't mind if you venture off of paths and run around, but always ask first.

3. Ask before buying items from shops or displaying a pattern in Able Sisters. The host may not have checked the shop items for the day yet, or the patterns displayed may be there for a specific purpose or person. Always respect the host's wishes; it is their town.

4. Don't drop or bury items unless the host is okay with it. Don't litter. Even if you're giving someone gifts, make sure they want them before you start plopping them down. If nobody wants the items, either sell them or keep them with you. Don't use someone's town as a garbage dump.

5. Don't wander off. This is especially true if you're adding someone for a trade or if you're not familiar with each other. Some mayors get suspicious if a visitor (especially someone new) disappears. They may be afraid you're up to no good (stealing, running through flowers, or cutting down trees). Trust is built slowly over time. Don't give someone reason to disconnect the game and remove you from their friend roster.

Again, everyone is different. Some people won't mind if you do some of these things, and others will. But when in doubt, always ask first. Being a respectful visitor increases your odds of being invited back and maybe making a friend.

How do I add friends?
You first have to exchange friend codes with someone. Once you have both added each other, you can visit each other's towns. If you need help finding your friend code, adding friends, or deleting friends, here is a helpful guide for that.

Where do I find New Leaf friends to add?
Many video game/Nintendo sites and forums have designated areas for finding friends. But I recommend the two most active Animal Crossing forums: Bell Tree Forums and Animal Crossing Community. They each have sections for finding people to play with; just be sure to read and follow their rules.

Do I need to be careful in dream towns too?
No. Changes made by Dream Suite visitors are not saved, so feel free to run through the flowers or do anything you want in the dream world. If you're looking for good dream towns to visit, see Jeff's Dream Suite Adventures.

Happy travels!

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