Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Code Exchange

Looking for Animal Crossing: New Leaf players? Post your 3DS friend code below, and add some other ACNL players! New to 3DS? How to find your friend code and add friends. When planning meeting times, remember to take your time zones into account. If you'd like, you can go by Cleveland time (Eastern US), which should be visible in the right-hand column.

Please read the rules before posting. This board is for exchanging friend codes, setting up meeting times, & arranging trades. It is not a general chat, and off-topic comments are not welcome. For general AC questions, please use Google or look elsewhere. Do not harass people or advertise other websites. Please keep it polite and family friendly, and of course, have fun!

Also check out the other parts of JVGS, such as my New Leaf Blog and hair guide. For dream addresses, use the Dream Suite Adventures page.
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now available worldwide.

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