Megaphone Blues

Animals in town will frequently thank me for enacting the night owl ordinance, since it keeps shops open later and villagers stay up later. But Camofrog wasn’t so happy about it, as I found out the other night.

Camofrog: You know, I don't stay up all night because I like to! Frog you!Today, Aurora asked me for some fruit. I gave her a perfect peach, and in return, she gave me a shower! 😛

Aurora: I can't let you go without a token of my appreciation. Please, take my shower.Vivian asked me to make a delivery to Big Top, and I agreed to help out. When I gave him the item, he thanked me by giving me his picture. Of course I already have several of these already, but thanks anyway.

Big Top: It's Big Top's pic!Gulliver was down on the beach, and I decided to help him out for a change. He told me he was heading to a country where there are lots of motorcycles. I knew that he was headed for Vietnam. He’ll send me a gift from there tomorrow.

Gulliver: The country I was heading to sounds like "rrrrr rrrrr" all day because there are so many motorcycles!Camofrog told me he was planning on moving out on July 23rd, but I told him not to go. I do want to let him go soon, but not until I get his picture!

Camofrog: The truth is, I've been thinking it's about time for me to leave this place behind.Since I still need pics from Camofrog and Boots, I’ve been trying to chat with them a lot lately. But it’s often hard to track them down. Not just because they’re green and camofrogged camouflaged, but also because I have trouble using the megaphone to find them. When I call Camofrog, Kapp’n usually responds with “Gar?” And whenever I yell for Boots, Agent S seems to respond. Ugh.

Agent S: Hey! What's up?
Not you, Agent S! The other Boots!

I hope the next Animal Crossing game lets you choose from a list of your villagers when you use the megaphone.

In the southwest park, I found Bob sitting on the yellow bench. He asked me to join him.

Bob: Why don't you take a load off?I took a seat to join him, but I didn’t stay for long. I had to get back to searching for Boots. 😛

Bob and Jeff sit on the bench in Forest.

My recent dream visitors have been Chloe from Distort, Katria from Altea, Jeff from Gatewood, Haley from Youtube, and Morgan from New Leaf. Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Megaphone Blues”

  1. Whenever I use the megaphone, I normally get ‘There aren’t any snowmen at this time of year!” But on one of the rare times it does grab someones attention.. well.. here’s a little demonstration of what happens to me.

    Samzyy: LOBO!
    Kidd: blahblahblah (I don’t know the dialogue)
    Samzyy: LOBO!
    Freya: blahblahblah
    Samzyy: LOBO!
    No reply. Maybe they aren’t nearby?
    Samzyy: Okay. (Moves slightly to the left)

    The megaphone is certainly an annoyance, LOL. (I had way too much fun with the above)

  2. Hi Jeff! I just sent you a friend request on the switch (name is Ryan). Hopefully when AC for the switch comes out, we can meet up!😃

  3. I used to use the megaphone so much to hunt for villagers, but it’s never successful. Half the time it thinks you’re asking for snowmen in summer 😛

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