Boots & The Nine Lamp

On Monday, Boots told me he was looking to replace his veggie basket. So I gave him a nine lamp, which was customized to be green…perfect for him and his house! He seemed to appreciate it, and he rewarded me with a blue bureau.

Boots: What?! This is a nearly perfect nine lamp!I noticed a new post on the bulletin board, reminding me that the fireworks festivals start soon! They’ll take place on Sunday nights in August. I may open my gate for one of them, but that will be later in the month. If you’re on my 3DS roster, stay tuned to the blog (or Twitter) to find out the day and time.

~Notice~ The fireworks show starts at 7 p.m. this coming Sunday! It's not summer without a few fireworks! Don't miss it!Also, now that August has arrived, the shop has started stocking some small fireworks. I bought this roman candle today.

Tommy: Ah, a roman candle! A fine item, yes?I tried using it to burn down Crazy Redd‘s tent.

I use a roman candle to try to burn down Crazy Redd's tent in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS.Tonight I got to see Boots’ nine lamp, and I thought it looked really good in his house. But when I spoke to Boots, he told me he was looking to replace it! Already?! How rude!

Boots: I've been thinking about replacing my nine lamp.I then gave him an emperor butterfly, and he told me he was going to turn it into the strongest emperor butterfly the world has ever seen! He then rewarded me with a classic sofa.

Boots: ...and turn it into the strongest emperor butterfly the world has ever seen! On my pad!Even though the nine lamp was still there, it was gone when I left his house and re-entered. What a shame.

My recent dream visitors have been Logan from New Leaf, SasieFox from Spoot, Caroline from Kuroko, Tyrone from Starmoor, Carry from Dopolis, Frisk from Mt. Ebott, and Debbie from Skyloft. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I would ask to add you to see the fireworks with you but I’ll be asleep then. And besides, I don’t think you’re looking for new friends anyway. Lol,

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