Labor Day 2017

Camofrog had a big confession for me last night. Apparently, he loves Lily!

Camofrog: So... I love Lily!!Well okay, it’s actually just a new greeting I gave him. 😛 I can imagine Camofrog and Lily dating though, since they’re the only two frogs in town. Excluding the ones in the ponds, of course. 😉

Today is Labor Day in the United States, so Isabelle could be found out at the event plaza. She hands out picnic baskets for the occasion.

Isabelle: It's a picnic basket! Please take it in celebration of the nice, relaxing Labor Day!

There is also a special face-cutout standee for the holiday. When there’s a multi-person standee like this, I usually just stick my head through one hole and leave the others empty. But this time, I decided to edit three pictures together so that I fill all three holes.

The Labor Day faceboard featuring Jeff, Jeff, and Jeff.
Three heads are better than one.

If you’d like to see what the picnic basket looks like, here you go. It’s on the floor next to me. Sadly, you can’t get any actual food out of it.

The picnic basket from Labor Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The entrance to the Reset Surveillance Center was open tonight, so I dropped in for a visit. Resetti was as friendly as always.

Resetti: Get outta here!I found a new dream address for the horror themed dream town of Hitokui Village: 1C00-0077-A492. If you’d like more information about the town, see my previous blog entry Dreaming of Hitokui.

A scary scene in Hitokui Village.Back in Forest, I bumped into Boots and he asked me for a small piece of furniture. I had the perfect item to give him…the picnic basket! He was really excited about it.

Boots: Wow! That's awesome! It'd be perfect to put on a table and stuff!In return, he gave me a modern wood closet. *sigh*

My recent dream visitors have been Naini from Gummy, Skooby from Marsh, Kieron from Beach, and Lou from Libby. Thanks for stopping by!

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