Chicken Wants a Peacock

Static may be staying in town, but he’s also staying indoors. That’s because he’s sick with a cold. I bought some medicine for him tonight, though.

Static flips as he takes some medicine.Benedict had an unusual request for me: He wanted me to catch a peacock for him!

Benedict: This is where you come in, old pal. Think you could catch a peacock for me? Oh, please?
Are you aware this isn’t a hunting game?

He meant a peacock butterfly, though. Besides, Festivale has already passed, so I couldn’t get Pavé for him now anyway.

Freckles asked me to make a delivery to Savannah, so I took her the item. It turned out to be some ranch flooring. When I returned to Freckles and told her I completed the task, she rewarded me with some cloud flooring. But Tank was all up in our business.

Freckles: Check it out! It's cloud flooring! Yep! All yours, doyoing!
Give us some space, Tank. I can smell your breath.

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