Coco to Go Go

I found Coco all packed up and ready to move out of town tonight. That’s a shame, because I liked having her around. She was my 4th favorite villager (behind Savannah, Static, and Benedict).

Coco: Well, there's no point in hiding it. You've probably guessed, but I've decided to leave Forest.Over by my northwest bridge, I listened in on a conversation between Savannah and Poncho. Savannah said that she bought an oversized novelty screwdriver. But Poncho thought it was just the start of a story or joke, so he asked what happened next. Savannah got a bit irritated, saying that’s all that happened. Alrighty then…

Savannah: What do you mean? And then nothing. That's it. That's all I did...I chatted with Chow nearby, and once I we were done, I noticed he was walking funny. Every couple steps, he would twitch to the side. I’m not sure what was wrong with him, but it looked kinda glitchy.

In Benedict’s house, the red rooster told me he was thinking of getting a pet. But you already have three fish!

Benedict: You know, lately I've been thinking of getting a pet, cluck.He asked me to catch a yellow butterfly for him. I would be glad to help him, except that yellow butterflies aren’t out this late at night. Sorry, bud.

2 thoughts on “Coco to Go Go”

  1. Coco grew on me as I had her in my ACCF town. I really liked her.. Dx

    I hope you have fun in your new town, Forest Folk Coco! (If you read this blog)

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