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Mayor: Capn Cow
Date of Visit: March 27, 2016
Villagers: Derwin, Velma, Lobo, Octavian, Ribbot, Doc, Hans, Coco, Boomer, Agent S
Previous Dream Address: 4600-4718-6634
The "town" of Fishburg is actually a colony on a terraformed planet named Terah III. You can see rover tracks among the craters and rocks of this alien world.

Rover tracks in the space town of Fishburg.

Near the town tree, there are two sets of clothes: One if you want to be a human astronaut and another if you want to play the role of a native alien (using a purple-imp hood). Since I'm here to try something new, I pretended to be human.

Putting on an astronaut suit in the space town of Fishburg.

One very cool thing about this town is the fortune cookies. While the idea of finding fortune cookies on another planet may seem odd, the messages they contain can apply to what's going on in Fishburg.

Fortune cookie: The land is in great peril, and soon you will be the Hero of Fishburg.

The humans have already started drilling for oil.

A drilling rig PWP in the space town of Fishburg.

I seemed to arrive during a meteor shower. I wished on a shooting star...that I can survive my trip and return home safely. Some day...

A shooting star in the space town of Fishburg.

If that sounds pessimistic of me, it's not without reason. Crewmate Slagthor expressed his concerns to me. It seems that things aren't going very well on this colony.

Slagthor: I'm not going to make it...

There are solar panels at the power planet, but we don't seem to get much sunlight. Who is in charge here? Maybe they can shed some light on the situation.

Four solar panels in the dream town of Fishburg.

I met up with the cyborg HAL-9000, and he blames the problems on the humans. Of course he would say that. Someone should really unplug this guy...but I'm afraid he won't let me do that.

HAL-9000: It's attributable to human error.

His home is where the rovers are fueled and stored.

Storage and fueling station for lunar rovers.

The mayor, Capn Cow, told me that the terraforming is failing.

Capn Cow: The terraforming is failing.

I saw evidence of this myself; the fruit trees are dying. This doesn't look good for humanity. Or for lunch.

All of the trees are dying in the space town of Fishburg.

The mayor's house is home to the sick bay, where I stopped for a quick self-examination. When I loosened my Kuiper belt, I smelled some ionized gas! It seems that some dark matter has accumulated in my space suit. I'll have to tell the doctor about this, and hope that he understands the gravity of the situation.

A sick bay or hospital room.

Back outside, I had a close encounter of the fifth kind when I had contact with one of the aliens! He calls himself Octavian, and he warned me that Capn Cow is a time traveler! But I'm not sure if I should trust this alien's story. I don't want to feel like a sucker.

Octavian: He's sort of what you'd call a time traveler! Yeah!

But that Octavian guy seems more trustworthy than some of the other aliens. These guys make me feel quite uncomfortable... I feel like I'm on trial.

Me standing in a room surrounded by aliens in the space town of Fishburg!

Down on the beach, I found the address of the town creator's Tumblr blog. If you're interested, head on rover over to That's probably the coolest way possible to promote a blog in a dream town.

Patterns that spell out the town's Tumblr address.

Also on the beach, I found an army of gyroids awaiting their orders. Hopefully they won't rust down here.

An army of gyroids on the beach.

If you're interested in visiting a sci-fi themed planet, or just want to see a unique dream town, I highly recommend giving Fishburg a visit. Here are a couple of other pictures from around the colony.

A lunar lander in the space town of Fishburg.

A large telescope in the space town of Fishburg.

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