Take it Back, Paint it Black

It had been eight weeks since I last played in Forest, so I had a ton of weeds around town. I spent a good deal of time plucking them all.

Pulling weeds in my town.

No new animals have moved in this time, so I still have 14 villagers in town at the moment.

I connected my Game Boy Advance and made a rare trip out to the island. I was enjoying Kapp’n’s song about his sailing soul, until he mentioned a stomach full of snails. That part is a bit hard to relate to.

Kapp'n, singing: Me soul, onward it sails, me belly, it ails. I'm so glum, 'cause me tum feels full of snails.

When I spoke to my islander Ankha, she thanked me for the spooky lamp I gave her “the other day.” It wasn’t the other day, though. It was probably years ago.

Ankha: Ah, young Jeff! Thank you so much for the spooky lamp you gave me the other day.

She then gave it back to me, saying it doesn’t fit her room. This cat always seems to ask for things and then gives them back. How rude.

Ankha: But...I don't think it fits my room, you know? I hate to do this, but would you please take it back?

Back in town, Kody noticed my new spooky lamp.

Kody: Hey! Wow! Check out you and your spooky lamp! That looks so killer, Jeff!

He said he didn’t have anything to trade for it, but he asked if he could have it. I agreed to give it to him. He then gave me a lovely lamp in return; he lied about not having anything.

Kody: I was just testing you. I wanted to see if you were a true-blue buddy.
Yeah, but you’re just a blue buddy.

I spotted a balloon present flying around, and I followed it. It appeared to get stuck on the cliff (temporarily), and I tried to use my shovel to pop it. No luck. It soon freed itself and continued flying northeast. Once it got to the train station, it flew away, never to be seen again.

A blue balloon present soars near the train station.

I ran into Tom, and he told me he just painted my roof black. I’m okay with that. Especially around Halloween.

Tom: I painted it black, like you told me to. Check it out.The roof of my Animal Crossing house, freshly painted black.Speaking of Halloween, I will not be participating in the festivities tomorrow. But good luck to you if you’re giving it a go! Beware of Jack’s tricks! Happy Halloween, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Take it Back, Paint it Black”

  1. Hey Jeff, how do you get the NES game from Jingle? Can you still get it on Christmas Day on the Gamecube or do you have to talk to him five times and then get all the furniture to receive the NES game??

  2. I just played Animal Crossing the gamecube tonight and got like 6 out of the eleven/twelve spooky items from Jack, Those animal villagers were nasty and kept stealing my candy.

    I don’t have a GBA cable yet so I can’t connect to my Wii with it and go to the island with my Game Boy SP. I’m hoping to get one for Christmas and I’ll defiantly be going to my island when I buy one

  3. Does giving items to islanders change their house? I never go to my island.

    I still play this game daily and have for years. I did my Halloween stuff today, managed to get most of Jack’s items!

    1. They can display the items in their house, yes, though I’m not sure if they do it every time. Congrats on getting most of Jack’s items! The GameCube game is the hardest AC game to do it in. The animals are ruthless at Halloween. 😉

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