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Entry 88: Tai Chi Class

On April 18th, Conan O'Brien celebrated his 53rd birthday. He was joined by Maeby (his wife), Gavin (his son), Mr. Bean (his best friend), and Bomberman...just because he's a blast at parties.

Conan celebrates his 53rd birthday.
There was an interesting story about Squishy on TV. Even though it sounds like a tall tale, it was on the news, so it must be true. Apparently, Squishy took a leg-lengthening vitamin...and woke up the next day with legs that were 20 feet longer than before!

Squishy now stands 20 feet taller!

I guess if the Bat Signal isn't working, she could always just hold up the bat sign herself to let her husband know it's time to come home.

In another news story, I saw that tai chi is catching on. Kevin Love is the instructor, and here you can see him teaching Mr. Bean, Shaq, and Madison the ancient Chinese meditative art in the park.

Kevin Love, Mr. Bean, Shaq, and Madison perform tai chi.
I gave Stella some sushi, and she nearly choked. She thought it was the worst!

Stella chokes on sushi.
As of May 1st, all colors of import-wear uniforms have been stocked via SpotPass.

Jeff modeling the red import-wear uniform.

The new colors are purple, blue, orange, and red. You can buy them for $40.00 each at the import-wear shop.

All available colors of the import-wear uniform.
I gave Villager some beef jerky today, and he nearly choked on it! It was his worst food.

Villager chokes on beef jerky.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back with another entry in the second half of May.

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