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Entry 89: Final SpotPass Item

Miss Piggy and Zoidberg recently got a letter from their daughter Scarlett. She has visited six islands so far, and she's currently staying on Pizza Land Island. Mmm, that sounds like a tasty place to visit. No matter where else she may visit in the future, there's no topping Pizza Land.

Scarlett visits Pizza Land Island.
Hailey and Mario both choked on their worst foods lately. Hailey thought olives were the pits, while Mario couldn't stand French fries!

Hailey chokes on her worst food.Mario chokes on his worst food.
The Swedish Chef and Velma had much better reactions when I fed them their all-time favorite foods: Chocolate gâteau for the Chef and a doughnut for Velma.

The Swedish Chef blasts off for chocolate gateau.Velma blasts off for a doughnut.

A StreetPass hit brought a camper named Carter to my island. While at the campsite, he offered to sell me some philly cheesesteak for just one play coin! What a deal!

You got a philly cheesesteak! It's been added to your special foods.
That was a new one for me, so I've added it to my collection list. I gave Carter several food items, as well as a music box to listen to. I was able to level him up twice. The following day, he left me a letter at the campsite and included a gold coin!

I had the best time here! I hope to come back soon. Here's a little something to remember me by. -Carter
As of May 16th, all colors of the school girl uniforms have been stocked via SpotPass.

Maeby models a new color of the schoolgirl uniform.
They can be purchased at the import-wear shop for $50.00 each.

All available colors of the schoolgirl uniform.
The newsflash also included a sad note: This is the final SpotPass (DLC) item that will be distributed.

This is the last special item that will be stocked via SpotPass. Thank you for being a loyal customer.If there are any special items you missed, don't worry! You can get them from friends who have them.

Things are certainly winding down in the world of Tomodachi Life. But I'm not stopping just yet. I will continue to update this blog for a while, although there will now be only one entry per month.

Thanks to all of you who have been visiting this blog for the past two years! I'll be back with more in June.

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