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Entry 81: Funny Faces

Up on the observation tower, Luigi asked out TZ. I wonder if Luigi used his propeller hat power-up to get up there, or if he just used the elevator.

But before TZ could answer, Kevin Love also showed up and professed his kevin love for her. TZ quickly made her choice; she and Kevin are now sweethearts.

Tobias made a funny face for me recently, and it was the perfect mix of being funny, odd, and a bit frightening.

I gave Gavin some onion rings, and he started dancing around the room. The onion rings are his all-time favorite food.

I've been giving my islanders the free interiors when I level them up lately, and Gavin became the first to get them all. So the "Interior" option at level-up is now grayed out and marked with a checkmark--just like the songs have been for quite a while. I'll be doing this with all of my islanders.

Mr. Bean must have seen Tobias' face earlier and took it as a challenge. So he tried to top it with a funny face of his own. Yikes.

The letters from Zachary keep coming in. He sent me a photo with his new friend Starfire that he met while traveling.

The Swedish Chef asked me to confirm his sad phrase--even though it makes me smile. Oh no bork bork.

As of January 16th, all colors of the patterned kimono have been stocked via SpotPass. They are available in the import-wear shop, but at a hefty price of $560 each.

I gave Snoopy a disposable camera, and he took a picture of TZ being surprised by an unexpected guest. It looks like they weren't ready for the picture; Snoopy should have told them to say cheese.

Thanks for stopping by. See you all next time!

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Note: All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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