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Entry 90: Swedish Sausages

After a recent StreetPass hit, a boat from Fun Island sailed by and dropped off some baseball T-shirts. That was a new item for me, so I added it to my collection page.

A boat from Fun Island brings baseball T-shirts.
The Swedish Chef had a stand set up at the morning market one day, and he told me that I wouldn't find anything tastier than his sausages! The food at the morning market is half-price, so I try to stock up whenever I can. Bork bork bork.

Swedish Chef: You won't find anything tastier than my sausages!

Gavin and Snoopy both found their super all-time favorite foods lately. Gavin got fired up for a frozen treat, while Snoopy inexplicably blasted off (like the Red Baron) for a veggie burger!

Gavin blasts off for a frozen treat.Snoopy blasts off for a veggie burger.
There was an odd story on the Mii News. They said there's a new ingredient on local burgers that's alarming: Onion rings!

Mii News: Onion Rings Burger Bombs
We know it doesn't taste good, but please try it so at least you have something to talk about!
What's so alarming about that?! Onion rings on burgers are good! Especially on barbecue burgers; I know Rally's and Burger King (among others) have burgers with onion rings on them. I guess this text in the game is meant for more extreme examples of toppings on burgers (like sardines maybe), but in this case, it makes perfect sense. Well, as long as they don't put the plate on the burger.

When I gave Shaq a cinnamon roll, he started dancing. It's his all-time favorite food!

Shaq dances for a cinnamon roll, his all-time fav food.

Mario asked me for a new interior for his apartment. I decided to give him the garage interior, so that he can work on his Mario Kart in his spare time trial.

Mario: Thanks for the amazing new interior! I love it!
I gave GOB some instant noodles (Gobias a cup of noodles!) and he started choking on it. That banana sure wasn't standing after that! He nearly slipped out of his banana costume! It was his worst food; maybe he should've eaten some noodles that won't choke and kill him. :P

Gob chokes on instant noodles, his worst food.
Squishy made a funny face for me...but I was more terrified than impressed. How can I convince you to never make that face again?

Squishy makes a funny face.
UPDATE: I gave Villager an AR camera, and he enjoyed a day at the lake with Isabelle and Digby.

Villager uses the AR camera to enjoy a day at the lake.
June 6th is the two-year anniversary of Tomodachi Life's release in America! To celebrate, I've put together a slideshow of 241 of my best, funniest, and most memorable pictures. Enjoy! (view on Youtube)

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back with another entry in July!

Want to check out a Swedish Chef plush figure on Amazon? I can't decide if it's cool or creepy.

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