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Entry 92: Bug Sumo

After a recent StreetPass tag, a boat arrived carrying some phantom outfits from Amazing Island. It was a new one for me, so I added it to my collection page.

Phantom outfit: Lose yourself to the music of the night in this mysterious ensemble.
Mario celebrated his birthday on July 9th. Jeff, Elly, TZ, and Hailey joined him. Surprisingly, Peach was nowhere to be found. Maybe she was in another castle.

Mario celebrates his birthday with friends.

Five days later, Mario's super bro Luigi also had a birthday. But Peach was here for this party. Hmm, interesting. Stella, Bomberman, and Lucille 2 were also present.

Luigi celebrates his birthday with Peach and friends.
Kevin Love played in the 2012 Olympics on the U.S. basketball team, but now he's trying out a new sport, according to the Mii News at least. Here's a picture of his skydiving attempt. Hopefully he remembered his parachute!

Kevin Love as an Olympic skydiver.
Another sport even more unique also made the news today. It's called Bug Sumo, and Miis hop on beetles (after buying a ticket to ride) and try to knock opposing players out of a tree. Sounds like a scary game. If I fall, I'll twist and shout until I can get back.

Miis play Bug Sumo on the Mii News.
Bug Sumo tournaments are planned, and the format requires players to win two out of tree. Event organizers say that Wolf Bobs Island is the only tournament site planned for now, but they hope to branch out in the future.

Yukon Cornelius wanted a new look for his apartment, so I gave him the winter interior. I'm sure he'll misfit right in!

The winter interior in Yukon's apartment.
Gavin made a funny face for me, but it didn't look quite right. His eyes went up so high that his eye patch was left alone on a deserted island cheek. Is this a glitch that needs to be patched? ;) I promise this is not a pirated copy of the game!

Gavin makes a funny face that puts his eyes way above his eye patch.
Annyong was told to go see a Star War, so I gave him some popcorn to enjoy with the movie. He quickly blasted off into space for a front-row seat. The popcorn was his super all-time favorite food.


Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back with more in September.

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Note: All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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