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Entry 93: 50th Islander

Early last month, I was interrupted by a Mii Newsbreak. Apparently, I have now solved 3,500 Mii problems on the island. Nothing special happens for the occasion (other than this newsbreak), but I guess it's a nice touch.

Mii News announcement: 3,500 Mii Problems Solved!
While in Luigi's Mansion one day, I gave Luigi a strawberry. He blasted off into the Super Luigi Galaxy for his super all-time favorite food! Clearly, he thought it was berry good.

Luigi blasts off into outer space after I give him his super all-time favorite food.
Peach told me she had feelings for GOB, so she asked him out at the concert hall. Velma had other plans though, as she also professed her love for GOB. But when it was time for GOB to make his decision, he thought Peach would be more appealing. They're now sweethearts.

GOB, wearing a banana suit: Peach, I'm so glad you feel the same.

A StreetPass camper named Xavier stopped by Wolf Bobs Island recently. This was the 20th island he has visited! He sold me some corn bread for 5 play coins. Delicious!

A camper named Xavier gives me some corn bread.
On August 14th, TZ celebrated her birthday. Squishy, Gavin, Jeff, and Hailey attended her party. TZ had no trouble blowing out her candles--it was EZ! Happy birthday, TZ!

TZ's friends sing Happy Birthday to her.
The next day, Stella also had a birthday party! It was attended by her mother Breezy, her father Gaston, Villager, and Xavier. She had a stellar time.

Stella's parents and friends sing Happy Birthday to her.
I gave GOB some cooked eggplant, and he started dancing for his all-time favorite food! Interestingly enough for Arrested Development fans, "Egg" and "Plant" are two nicknames for Ann Veal, who GOB dates in the later seasons of the show.

GOB dances for his all-time favorite food.

And speaking of Ann, my friend Beth recently made a Mii of Ann for me. So I added Ann to the island! On the Mii News, Ann herself announced her arrival as the 50th islander!

Ann, on Mii News: Island Population Reaches 50!
My islanders celebrate the island population reaching 50.
I leveled her up a few times by giving her food and other items. Here, I gave Ann a fan. That was the plan.

Ann, in front of a fan: I'm an airhead. Literally!
I then gave Ann a frying pan. She cooked up some Ann style grits. They're as Ann as the nose on Plain's face.

Ann Style Grits

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you again next month!

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Note: All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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