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Entry 94: Baby Tristan

On September 3rd, Peach celebrated her birthday...with a cake. Madison, Bobby Hill, Annyong, and GOB all showed up to the party. Happy birthday, Peach! But the Mario Bros. are in another castle!

Princess Peach Toadstool celebrates her birthday.
Charlie Brown and his dog Snoopy both made funny faces for me. Good grief.

Snoopy makes a funny face.Charlie Brown makes a funny face.
I gave the Swedish Chef a hard-boiled egg, and he started dancing! It was his all-time favorite food! "Where the bork are my hard-boiled eggs?"

The Swedish Chef from The Muppets dances for his all-time favorite food.

On September 7th, Kevin Love celebrated his 28th birthday. He partied with Mario, Charlie Brown, Breezy, and Inigo Montoya. What a random group of characters.

Kevin Love celebrates his 28th birthday in Tomodachi Life.
While watching Arrested Development recently, I noticed that they showed Maeby's birth certificate on-screen. I paused the show to get her exact birthdate, and then added that to her information in Tomodachi Life.

Maeby Funke's information including her birthdate.
On September 15th, Squishy also had a birthday. She celebrated with her husband Batman, her son Blake, TZ, and Snoopy. Happy birthday, Squishy!

Squishy celebrates her birthday.

Maeby and Conan told me that they were thinking about having a baby. Since it's been so long since the last baby on this island (back in February), I told them to go for it. And go for it, they did, as they soon had a baby boy named Tristan.

Maeby, showing off her new baby: We like the name Tristan. What do you think?
Five days later, he was all grown up. I sent him off to travel the world. Hopefully I'll hear from him again someday.

Tristan has grown up so fast! It's time for him to leave the nest.

Thanks for visiting! I'll be back with more next month!

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