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Entry 95: Mushroom Shampoo

Ann recently had a flower petal on her head for some reason.

Me to Ann: There's a flower petal on your head.
I'm such a nice guy that I offered to deflower her.

Ann with a shocked face.

Zoidberg told me he had feelings for Madison, and then he asked her out with a song in the cafe.

Zoidberg to Madison: You warm my heart like hot cocoa. You're as cute as a mini marshmallow.
Zoidberg to Madison: There's nothing more I'd rather be than your special fellow.
Being compared to a marshmallow made Madison's heart melt. She accepted, and they are now sweethearts.

Batman tried to impress me by making a funny face. But I just thought he looked like an insect, and it really started to bug me.

Batman, making a funny face: What do you think? Are you impressed yet?
Popeye and Lucille 2 got a letter from their son Brandon. He's currently visiting his friend FarmerMack on Yoloswag Island.

Brandon and FarmerMack posing for a picture on Yoloswag Island.
I gave Ann a roast turkey, and she gobbled it down. But she nearly choked in the process! It was her worst food. Still, she was quite polite. "Pardon me," she chirped as she gave thanks for the meal.

Ann nearly chokes on roast turkey, her worst food.
Gavin developed a new product here on Wolf Bobs Island that's soon to sprout up in stores. It's mushroom scented shampoo! Gavin is a fun guy and all, but I don't think this a good idea. Other than Mario, Luigi, and Peach, I don't think anyone else will want to buy any.

Just one wash with this shampoo, and your whole world will smell like mushrooms.
Mii News: New Shampoo Debut: Mushroom scented shampoo.

On October 23rd, "Weird Al" Yankovic celebrated his 57th birthday. Zoidberg, Xavier, Buster, and Villager attended his birthday party. I think someone put Heinz 57 on his cake, but he was determinded to just eat it regardless.

La la la la, dear Weird Al...
Three days later, Breezy also celebrated her birthday. She was joined by her husband Gaston, her daughter Stella, her best friend Madeline, and...Annyong. Hello.

La la la la, dear Breezy...
Today, I gave Maeby a veggie burger, and she loved it so much that it made her dance. It's her all-time favorite food.

Maeby dances for her all-time favorite food, a veggie burger.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back with more in December!

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