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Entry 98: Together Again

On January 6th, Emily and Bobby Hill had their first baby. Emily gave birth to a girl named Amelia.

Amelia was born to Bobby Hill and Emily.
Amelia shares a birthday with another islander on Wolf Bobs Island: Mr. Bean. He celebrated his 62nd birthday, and he was joined by Gavin, Blake, Bobby Hill, and his best friend Maeby.

La la la la, dear Mr. Bean...

By January 11th, Amelia was all grown up. I sent her away to travel the world.

Amelia has grown up so fast! It's time for her to leave the nest.
After a StreetPass tag, a boat from Cheering Island came to town with some sunglasses. It seemed a bit shady, but I bought the new item at the import-wear shop. I've also added it to my collection list.

The sunglasses accessory in Tomodachi Life.
I gave Inkling girl a corn dog, and to my surprise, she hated it! She melted into a pile of goo on the ocean floor. It was her worst-ever food. Wow, what's wrong with this girl?

The Inkling girl from Splatoon melts after eating her worst ever food, a corn dog.
Conan was home with his wife, and he asked me to keep an eye out for an item he lost. I didn't think much of it, and then I spoke to his wife Maeby, who also had a request for me. She found some perfume with Conan's name on it! She asked me to return it to him! Even though both of them were home at the time!

Maeby: Would you mind returning this to Conan for me?
I handed the item to Conan, and he thanked me for finding it! Ha! I think they need to learn to communicate better with each other, if they want their marriage to last. :P

Conan: You found it! I can't believe this! I just... I can't thank you enough!

There were two more birthdays in January. On January 24th, Madison celebrated her birthday with her parents (Darth Vader and Peach), Blake, and The Count.

Three days later, Gavin also celebrated a birthday. He was joined by his parents (Conan and Maeby), Ann, and...umm...someone in a robo-hero suit. Wait, who is that?

La la la la, dear Gavin...
At first, I thought it was Alien. But Alien wasn't wearing the robo-suit after the party. And that's not his nose anyway. Maybe it was me...even though I don't remember being at the party. And I certainly don't recall seeing Ann. :P

Zoidberg dropped a bombshell on me when he told me he had feelings for Miss Piggy.

Zoidberg, dressed as a hamster: I have feelings for Miss Piggy. I've got to tell her!
He asked her out, and she said yes!!!

Zoidberg, to Miss Piggy: Your beauty shines like a summer's day. Will you be my sunbeam?
If you're new to this blog, let me explain. Zoidberg and Miss Piggy were the first sweethearts on the island. They were also the first couple to get married and have a baby. In fact, the first six kids on the island came from They were truly the island's power couple until they sadly divorced in entry 56.

It might seem silly, but it just seems so right for them to be back together again. I hope things work out for them.

Miss Piggy is hanging out at home with Zoidberg.
Yesterday, I gave Inigo Montoya some cherry pie, and he melted into a puddle on the floor. It was his worst-ever food.

Inigo Montoya melts into a gray puddle after eating his worst ever food.
"My name is Inigo Montoya. You gave me pie. I prepare to die."

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back with another entry in March.

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